❶ 4 Ways To Become The Mistress Of A Flat Belly

❶ 4 Ways To Become The Mistress Of A Flat Belly
❶ 4 Ways To Become The Mistress Of A Flat Belly

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4 ways to become the mistress of a flat belly
4 ways to become the mistress of a flat belly

The most difficult thing in the process of losing weight is getting rid of excess fat accumulation in the abdomen. So it turns out that first of all, fats are deposited on the tummy, and are broken down on it last. In order to lose fat and make your stomach flat, you need to make a lot of effort, and in a complex way. Moreover, the main cause of obesity is nervous tension. Location: Location:

There are 4 ways to help you become the owner of a flat stomach.

The first way is dietary. In order to get a decent abs, you need to "deplete" the diet by 500-800 calories. First of all, you should limit yourself to sweets, baked goods and legumes. The latter provoke the appearance of gas formation in the intestine. Eat plenty of grains such as muesli, nuts and seeds. They contain a lot of ballast substances, and they also stimulate digestion well. Also add pineapples, papaya, vegetables, and green tea to your diet.

Feel free to eat: seafood, fresh herbs, citrus fruits, chicken lean meat (only without skin), all kinds of fruits and berries.

At the same time, the most terrible enemy of the beautiful press is beer. It is high in calories in itself, and also contains phytohormones that contribute to the development of body fat.

The second way is sports.

You need to train your abdominal muscles at a slow pace. In this case, the number of exercises performed is not so important, but rather their quality. All movements should be smooth.

Exercise only on an empty stomach.

- Lie on the floor. Then bend your arms at the elbows and your legs at the knees. Next, slowly lift your upper body. Stretch your chin to your knees, contracting your abs, not your neck.

- Standing on the floor, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Make 20 bends from side to side.

- Download the press.

The third way is salon.

Today, many salons, as well as medical centers offer special programs called "Flat stomach". Their goal is to strengthen muscles, break down subcutaneous fat and improve skin condition. Physiotherapy copes well with such tasks: lymphatic drainage, hydromassage, myostimulation, pressotherapy.

The fourth method is surgical.

If the skin on the abdomen begins to hang down, has lost its tone, and the muscles are strongly stretched, then classical abdominoplasty will help. It consists of the detachment of a skin and fat flap on the abdominal anterior wall, the formation of a new navel, as well as plastic surgery of the abdominal muscles. This option is very difficult and traumatic.

If the abdominal skin is firm enough, but the muscles are weak, then a mini tummy tuck will help. In this case, an incision is made in the bikini area, the navel does not move.

The endoscopic version of abdominoplasty is more humane. Such an operation tightens the abdominal muscles that have come apart, for example, during pregnancy. In this case, no large cuts are made. A thin special apparatus - an endoscope - is inserted through a small puncture in the navel area. Several manipulations, and then the weakened muscles are "sutured".

Liposuction also helps to get rid of excess fat. A special solution containing electrolytes, vasoconstrictor drugs and a local anesthetic is injected into the abdomen. Then several small incisions are made, through which excess fat is sucked out with long blunt needles (cannulas) with a sterile hose.

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