❶ How To Choose The Right Blush

❶ How To Choose The Right Blush
❶ How To Choose The Right Blush

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How to choose the right blush
How to choose the right blush

Women use blush to hide the natural or painful pallor of the skin, visually change the shape of the face, accentuate the cheekbones … Rubbing and herbal dyes like beets have been known since time immemorial. True, the "vigorous" beetroot or carrot color of "matryoshka cheeks" can not attract everyone, but will frighten someone off altogether. Only a professional make-up artist knows how to choose the perfect blush. Location: Location:

Before choosing a blush of one shade or another, take a close look at yourself in the mirror and determine what kind of skin you have. If it is light, then it is better to choose a blush of pink tones, and a darker blush (crimson, for example) or a shade close to brownish will look great on a dark skin. If you are in difficulty and doubt whether a particular blush color is right for you, do not hesitate and take peach: this tone is good for absolutely any complexion.

But this is just the beginning. You also need to be able to correctly apply this part of cosmetics, and they do it depending on the type of face. Chubby people need to shade the line of blush from the cheekbones to the temples, and those with an elongated face - in the opposite direction.

Features of the choice of blush also depend on their type and consistency.

Powder blush. The most popular type of blush, which has become so widespread due to its versatility and practicality. This blush is especially good for ladies with oily skin, as they hide its flaws and mask wide pores, additionally giving the skin a matte finish.

Cream blush. They are indicated mainly for women whose facial skin is too dry. This blush also acts as a moisturizer and nourishing cream. Once you've applied them to your face, you can apply some powder on top. Creamy blush will create a slightly shimmery effect, so it is perfect as a part of evening makeup.

Liquid blush. They do not contain essential oils, so it is best not to use such blush as a moisturizer. This is probably a rare case when the blush is not applied over the main tone, but directly on cleansed skin. Due to its special properties, liquid blush and blush-gel can only be used by women with normal to oily skin, and better - after 30-35 years.

Foam blush. They are rarely used, but they stay on the face for a very long time. Their disadvantage is that such blush is very greasy and shiny, so you should apply them directly to cleansed skin to the main tone or powder your cheekbones after application. Another drawback of foam blush is that they are absorbed almost instantly, and if the line has gone "wrong", it is no longer possible to correct the makeup.

Sparkling blush. It is better not to use shiny "things" in everyday life: this is a sign of bad taste. Glitter blush (as well as shimmery eyeshadow and powder) is a luxury for parties, receptions and special occasions.

But bronze blush is as good as possible in the summer season, when it is so necessary to emphasize the resulting tan. It should only be remembered that blush with a bronzer looks advantageous only on a tanned face: the makeup of fair-skinned "bronze" can hopelessly ruin.

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