❶ Drew Spikelet Hairstyle

❶ Drew Spikelet Hairstyle
❶ Drew Spikelet Hairstyle

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The "spikelet" hairstyle looks beautiful on both young girls and older ladies. Drew Barrymore, a Hollywood actress, believes that this hairstyle makes her sexy. And this statement is fully justified. So, the features and technique of creating a "spikelet from Drew". Location: Location: The French weave, known all over the world, looks romantic and sexy. The spikelet hairstyle will help you add something new to your look. It will be done for you in the best possible way in any hairdressing salon. But it's better to learn how to braid the "spikelet" yourself. Master the technique of creating it right now.

Comb your hair first. Make a small pile at the very roots in order to give more volume to the future hairstyle.

Divide the upper strands just below the crown into three equal parts, and then start to weave a classic braid from them: the right strand starts behind the middle one on top, the left strand is placed on the right, and so on.

After weaving a classic braid for a short time, use the following technique: with the thumb of your right hand, grab the strand from below, fasten it by weaving into the base of the braid, while holding it with your left hand.

Weave the right strand with a medium curl from the main part of the braid.

Repeat what you did with the right side of the head with the left. That is, you need to grab the curl on the left with your thumb and attach it to the center of the hairstyle, namely to the left strand.

Next, you need to weave the middle curl of the main part of the braid and the left strand.

Now you just have to repeat the above to the very end of the braid, then secure the finished hairstyle with a hairpin or elastic band.

You probably won't be able to get a really tight spikelet hairstyle the first time around. However, if you regularly practice in creating it, the skills will definitely come to you, and the hairstyle will turn out to be even, while the time spent on creating it will decrease.

To make the "spikelet" look neat, it is recommended to use wax or hair gel. Your hairstyle will acquire a beautiful shine, and you will avoid the formation of so-called "roosters" on it.

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