❶ What Is Men's Shampoo?

❶ What Is Men's Shampoo?
❶ What Is Men's Shampoo?

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What is men's shampoo?
What is men's shampoo?

Most men carefully select lotions and gels "before" and "after" shave, to a lesser extent - skin care creams, and do not even think about choosing a shampoo for hair. Although in fact, shampoo should be ranked first in terms of importance. Location: Location:

Features of the scalp.

Male skin has its own distinctive features in comparison with female skin. For example, the level of acid-base balance - the pH in women is 5.7, and in men it is 5.4. Blood circulation in the skin layers in men is more intense, and the skin is slightly thicker. The number of hair follicles in men is much higher, as well as sweat and sebaceous glands. This means that their hair becomes greasy much faster. All these differences and features of the skin of a woman's head from a man's are due to the physiological and hormonal differences between men and women. Accordingly, the division of shampoo into male and female is quite reasonable.

Properties of the male shampoo.

Shampoo for men should be sufficiently mild and conditioning as most men wash their hair daily. The shampoo should not contain too many beneficial ingredients, otherwise the effect of weighing the hair will occur. In addition, if the main task for women is to restore the condition of hair and give shine, then men are more affected by the problem of hair loss, especially after 30 years. Therefore, a good men's shampoo should contain special ingredients that help strengthen hair and prevent premature hair loss. Men's wellness shampoos add volume to fine hair, nourish scalp and strengthen hair.


When choosing a shampoo, carefully study the composition of the product. Do not be alarmed if you see the phrase "sodium laureth sulfate". This ingredient has a strong cleansing effect. The presence of substances of plant origin - have a positive effect on the hair follicle and eliminate dandruff. Magnesium, provitamin B5, calcium, zinc, manganese, wheat and rice provitamins help to strengthen hair structure and actively prevent hair loss. Calcium gluconate, mountain spring water, panthenol, aloe - moderately moisturize hair and deeply cleanse the skin.

Hair beauty is directly dependent on proper care. Therefore, cosmetologists reasonably divided shampoos into male and female, taking into account the physiological characteristics, the structure of the skin and hair of men.

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