❶ Microdermabrasion - Instant Beauty Treatment

❶ Microdermabrasion - Instant Beauty Treatment
❶ Microdermabrasion - Instant Beauty Treatment

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Microdermabrasion - instant beauty treatment
Microdermabrasion - instant beauty treatment

In the human body, everything is interconnected. Removing the unnecessary upper layer of already dead cells, you give rise to the synthesis of new ones, that is, the process of stimulating the underlying layers arises. As a result, there is a renewal, which means skin rejuvenation. Plus, the face is tightened, its color improves, irregularities are smoothed out, wrinkles disappear, even mimic ones. Location: Location:

If you do not deeply delve into the mechanism of action of microdermabrasion, you can draw a parallel with the result that peeling with fruit acids gives. But there is a big difference. A visible effect with chemical exposure (when exposed to fruit acids) can be achieved at least after the middle of the course. And the microdermabrasion procedure immediately gives an instant result, which is why it is called the “instant beauty procedure”.

After the procedure, a prettier face will delight the eye for a week. Lovers of chemical peels with fruit acids should also not neglect such a procedure, since it saves from the risk of allergies, which often appears to acids.

Microdermabrasion is not a one-time procedure. Its course consists of ten sessions, and when removing scars and stretch marks - of fifteen. In all cases, a good result is guaranteed, supporting courses are not required.

The mechanism of the procedure consists in touching the nozzle of the apparatus, during which the effect of a vacuum with a very strong air flow is felt. Aluminum microcrystals are the main influencing components. They are the ones who remove outdated skin cells.

There are nine programs - from the weakest and the highest to the strongest, which are mainly used when working with scars or stretch marks. Specialists themselves will select the program necessary for a particular condition of the person. The microdermabrasion procedure lasts for an hour, but the action of aluminum microcrystals takes no more than seven minutes.

The beautician will use a special attachment to go over the massage lines of the face and then move to the area around the eyes. In this area, the procedure is a little more complicated. In no case should you touch the movable eyelids. They work only with the skin under the eyes. It is pulled a little for a short time until the wrinkles are smoothed out.

At the last stage, a soothing mask is applied or special vitamin cocktails are used. Their effect after the microdermabrasion procedure is much stronger, since the active substances are better perceived.

Owners of a sensitive type of skin of the face during the procedure may feel some discomfort: tingling and light burning, but this does not threaten them with anything serious. Do not use the solarium for three days after microdermabrasion.

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