❶ Effects Of Sauna On The Body

❶ Effects Of Sauna On The Body
❶ Effects Of Sauna On The Body

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The effect of the sauna on the body
The effect of the sauna on the body

From time immemorial, the bath has cured almost all diseases. The steam room relieved the inhabitants of villages and villages from the common cold, bronchitis, tonsillitis, colds and other diseases. Since then, baths have spread significantly throughout the world, Turkish, Finnish and Russian baths have appeared. A little later, the more aesthetic name "sauna" and the phrase "Finnish bath" appeared. The effect of the sauna on the body has been studied for several decades. And every year more and more of its useful properties are becoming clear. Location: Location:

The processes taking place in a Russian bath and a Finnish sauna are very similar, so the benefits are about the same, despite the fact that many regulars of a wet Russian bath consider the sauna "bourgeois pampering", and not a bath. Nevertheless, the sauna has a beneficial effect on the human body, giving everything the same as a Russian bath.

Sauna enhances all natural processes in the body. High temperature, combined with a certain percentage of moisture, makes the sebaceous glands work faster and more actively, removing salts, toxins from the body. Therefore, regular use of the sauna rejuvenates.

The conditions created in the steam room also have a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system, making the heart muscle work more actively and efficiently. According to research by scientists, a ten-minute visit to the steam room significantly improves blood flow to the brain, preventing premature blockage and malfunction of the valves of the cardiovascular system in general.

A sharp drop in temperature (after a sauna it is customary to take a cold shower) trains the heart muscle, making it stronger and more enduring. All those steaming in the sauna have an increased lung volume. During a ten-minute session, the volume of the lungs increases by 0.1 liters, and the vessels constrict, making breathing more frequent. This process is the most real training, hardening of the lungs. That is why experienced sauna lovers categorically do not recommend smoking between bath sessions, because each smoked cigarette will cause more harm than under normal conditions.

In addition, it has been known for several centuries that the sauna has a beneficial effect on digestion, because the “blood balance” inside the body is restored, thanks to which all organs are supplied with blood equally. That is why it is not recommended to eat between sessions.

After visiting the steam room, acidity and all vital functions of the digestive system are restored. The effect of the sauna on the body is not fully understood. In addition to fresh news from scientists that a good steam room can relieve muscle clamps, there are many theories that both praise and criticize saunas. But one thing has been known for a long time: saunas and baths keep the secret of longevity and good health.

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