❶ Trendy Short Haircuts For Fall / Winter Season

❶ Trendy Short Haircuts For Fall / Winter Season
❶ Trendy Short Haircuts For Fall / Winter Season

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Fashionable short haircuts for the autumn-winter season
Fashionable short haircuts for the autumn-winter season

Autumn and winter are seasons that sooner or later force women to wear hats. Berets, hats, hats, warm fur hats - all these are beautiful and comfortable details of a woman's wardrobe. But for all their positive qualities, they have one thing that often upsets their owners - they warm, but wrinkle their hairstyles and styling. This fall / winter 2011-2012 season, stylists offer short haircuts that are easy to restore in a home or office setting. Location: Location:

Asymmetrical geometric bangs are the main fashion trend this season. Different lengths are offered. The bangs can be either long or very long. It can fall on both sides of the face, accentuating the cheekbones and reach such length that it can be laid behind the ears. Also, the bangs can be up to the bridge of the nose, which will make the look more mysterious and sexy.

The bangs should be thick and shiny. If you prefer volume, make a light bouffant that is fashionable this season - this will give your hair the right volume and will not harm hair health. If you use a natural bristle brush for combing, the result will delight you - the hair will not only get extra volume, but also shine on all surfaces.

For bangs of all configurations, there is one rule - straight, clear lines, a pronounced haircut pattern, leaving no doubt about the shape. This is not only a great option to look fashionable, modern, and creative, but also the ability to quickly and easily return the haircut to the right look with the help of a comb.

In order for the bangs to better keep their shape, it can be treated with wax.

The back of the head is cut shorter this season than the bangs. The ends of the hair do not frizz, they remain straight, while smooth and shiny.

The side parting is back in vogue and this is not surprising in a season in which asymmetry came to the fore. If you are going to a party, decorate your side part with glitter or highlight it with a special mascara.

In the autumn-winter season, wax, hair straightening products, indelible masks and fixing products will help you keep the shape of your short hair. They will not only help maintain the desired shape, but also preserve the health of the hair, because in the autumn-winter period they have to fight not only with the cold natural air, but also with the hot air of the hairdryer during styling.

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