Curly Hair Care

Curly Hair Care
Curly Hair Care

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Curly hair care
Curly hair care

Beautiful curly hair always arouses admiration and attracts rave looks. However, no more than 10 percent of women naturally have curls. If you are one of them, remember that special care and attention is needed to maintain their attractiveness and health. Location: Location:

Undoubtedly, well-groomed curls look beautiful. However, curly hair has one significant drawback - it is difficult to style and is often naughty. Owners of curls, especially if they are too hard or, conversely, soft, have to tidy up their curls for a long time with the help of gel, foam or varnish.

To make curly hair smooth and silky, you can use moisturizing or smoothing masks. They make the strands slightly heavier, contribute to easier combing and styling.

Curly hair care starts with washing it. It is better to use shampoos for this purpose that contain coconut extract, jojoba oil, cornflower extract, witch hazel, which help moisturize the hair. Shampoos for adding volume to curly strands are not suitable, because they are already splendid. When washing, it is better to throw your hair back rather than forward, so that they are less tangled.

It is desirable to dry curly hair naturally. When drying with a hair dryer, it is better to use a diffuser nozzle, it will help to create the desired curls. However, do not get carried away, because during the use of a hair dryer, the hair becomes very dry, becomes dull and brittle.

Comb curly hair is better with a comb with large, sparse teeth. The procedure should start from the ends, gradually moving on to combing along the entire length.

Curly hair should be trimmed at least once every three months. By trimming the ends, you will give your hair a well-groomed and healthy look. After all, curly strands are more fragile, break and split faster.

Masks are a must for wavy hair. They protect the hair, give it shine, elasticity, and nourish. Masks can be used both ready-made and made by yourself. The most common mask for curly hair is hemp oil. It is heated and applied along the entire length of the hair, covered with polyethylene and glorified for half an hour. Such a mask will relieve curls from disobedience and make your hair smooth.

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