❶ How To Straighten Your Hair Permanently

❶ How To Straighten Your Hair Permanently
❶ How To Straighten Your Hair Permanently

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How to straighten your hair permanently
How to straighten your hair permanently

Flowing, silky, long straight hair has become fashionable. But what should women do if they are naturally wavy or curly? Science does not stand still and offers chemical hair straightening for them. Location: Location: Before you start straightening your hair, determine its physical condition. If you have already dyed your hair, and it is now thinned and with split ends, then treat them before proceeding with the straightening procedure. For this, use special masks that will strengthen them. If your hair is dry, discolored or highlighted, straightening is contraindicated for you until the dye disappears or the treatment ends.

The straightening kit includes: conditioner enriched with multivitamins, straightening and neutralizing creams. You can use these products without gloves, but dilute them only in plastic containers. Lubricate the scalp with a greasy cream. This will protect it from possible burns and irritation.

Hair straightening takes a long time, usually from three to five hours. Best of all, entrust this difficult task to professionals. But if you are ready to carry out this procedure yourself, study all the steps.

First, wash your hair with regular shampoo to remove varnish and grease. Then dry them well with a hairdryer. Divide your hair into five equal zones, and, starting from the back of the head, apply a straightening cream to thin strands. Spread the cream evenly over the entire length of the hair.

After about 15-20 minutes, rinse it off your scalp and apply a multivitamin-enriched conditioner for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair well again, then dry it.

Use a flat iron to smooth your hair. Separating them in small strands, begin to smooth them with smooth movements. Do not hold the iron in one place for more than three seconds. Its temperature should not exceed 180 degrees.

Divide your hair into 5 zones and apply a neutralizing cream to them. Leave it on your hair for about twenty minutes. Rinse off the cream under warm running water without shampoo. Dry your hair with a hair dryer.

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