❶ How To Get An Even Tan

❶ How To Get An Even Tan
❶ How To Get An Even Tan

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How to get an even tan
How to get an even tan

Sunburn suits almost all people, as it hides skin imperfections, giving the face and body a healthy, radiant look. There are several ways to give your skin a golden and even complexion. Location: Location: The easiest and most economical way to sunbathe is to soak up the summer sun. But this tan does not always lay down evenly. In addition, you need to take sun baths with caution, as ultraviolet rays in excess can be harmful to health. Sunbathing on the beach is best from 7 to 11 am and from 4 pm to 6 pm.

One of the most popular types of getting an even tan nowadays is visiting a solarium. This type of tanning is less harmful, since the UV lamps can be dosed in the proportions that are right for your skin. The tanning system in a solarium is determined by a specialist. In this case, the shade lays down more evenly, since the lamps of the solarium evenly distribute the light over the surface of the skin.

For evenness and intensity of tanning, salon specialists will select special products (creams, gels, sprays) that are applied to the skin immediately before going to the solarium.

If you do not have the opportunity or time to visit a tanning bed, you can use express products to give your skin a golden or dark complexion. One of them is an instant tan, which can be obtained at a beauty salon. In 7-10 minutes, the master will apply a special lotion to your body using an airbrush, as a result of which the skin will become dark.

This procedure is quite safe, so even pregnant women and nursing mothers can do it. Depending on the desired shade, the tan stays on the skin for an average of 2 weeks. A huge plus of this method is an even tan of the shade that you yourself want. This fake tan will not wash off stains and streaks.

A more economical way to get dark at home is to use special lotions, creams and sprays with self-tanning effects. Apply these products to the skin after taking a bath and using a scrub, otherwise you risk getting a spotted tan.

There is also a popular way to get a golden skin tone. To do this, brew a small amount of boiling water 3-4 tablespoons. coffee. Spread the warm gruel all over the body after taking a bath, leave for a couple of minutes, then rinse. The skin will acquire a darker, smoother and more pleasant tone, as well as become soft and elastic.

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