❶ How To Save Our Skin From Moisture Loss

❶ How To Save Our Skin From Moisture Loss
❶ How To Save Our Skin From Moisture Loss

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How to save our skin from moisture loss
How to save our skin from moisture loss

Dehydrated skin is like dry soil. It can no longer absorb moisture from the air and does not store the remains of the existing one in the body. Without your help, it will not become fresh, juicy and elastic. Dehydrated skin needs special cosmetics, it is better to use them in a complex manner, using the entire line. Location: Location: When the acid-protective layer is broken in the skin, it begins to peel off, becomes dull and inelastic, wrinkles are more pronounced. For various reasons, the water entering the cells of the epidermis quickly evaporates through the blood vessels. Dehydration occurs from time to time in 90% of women around the world.

To avoid this fate, try to drink more fluids - at least two liters per day. Freshly squeezed juices, which contain many useful substances and vitamins, are especially useful for dehydrated skin. Try not to drink later than an hour and a half before bed, otherwise your face will be swollen after waking up.

Give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol have an extremely negative effect on the condition of the skin. Lack of sleep and stress can also lead to dehydration. Most often, this problem occurs in the off-season, when temperature changes are most noticeable, and in spring, due to vitamin deficiency. Try not to stay in a room with dry, air-conditioned air for too long. Use humidifiers during the heating season.

Improper skin care is one of the reasons for skin dehydration. Do not wash with harsh soap. It is advisable to visit the solarium less often and not spend a lot of time under the scorching sun. Do not overuse peels and scrubs, use them no more than one or two times a week. Try to avoid tonics that contain too much alcohol.

Use special masks to moisturize your skin. Apply a thick layer of a non-greasy cream to your face twice a week until it is completely absorbed. Then wipe the surface with an ice cube. Be sure to buy a special moisturizer for your skin type.

Skin of any type can suffer from dehydration, only it manifests itself in different ways. Dry, normal and combination (with dry areas) becomes dull, slightly rough to the touch, corners of the mouth, cheekbones and the tip of the nose are scaly. Combined with oily areas and oily skin can become grayish, it flakes on the nose, forehead and chin, the pores become more visible.

Carry a bottle of thermal water spray to help moisturize your face throughout the day.

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