❶ How To Reduce Eyebrows

❶ How To Reduce Eyebrows
❶ How To Reduce Eyebrows

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How to reduce eyebrows
How to reduce eyebrows

A well-groomed face cannot be imagined without neat, regular eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally thick and large, creating a crushing impression, then they need to be adjusted regularly. Location: Location: Lush eyebrows are slightly easier to correct than liquid and curved, but here you can face some difficulties. The first thing to remember is that you can start correcting your eyebrows only when you have found their optimal shape. That is, you first create a kind of "template", and after that you model an eyebrow for it.

Use the most common ruler and white eyeliner to determine the ideal eyebrow shape yourself. To find the starting point of the eyebrow, you need to place a ruler on the inner eyelid parallel to the nose. At the point of intersection of the eyebrow with the ruler, there will be the starting point of the eyebrow. You just need to mark with a pencil.

The top of the bend of the eyebrow should be determined as follows: place a ruler against the wing of the nose, direct it to the middle of your pupil. Just try to look straight ahead to get the perfect brow shape afterwards. Similarly, mark the intersection of the eyebrow and the ruler.

It remains to find the point at which the brow will end. Leave one part of the ruler attached to the wing of the nose, and move the other to the level of the outer edge of the eye and mark the intersection. It remains only to connect all three points with a smooth line - the border of the perfect eyebrow is ready. Everything that goes beyond it must be removed.

There are several ways to remove excess hairs - by cutting or plucking. Some time ago, shaving eyebrows was in vogue, but in no case is it recommended for you to use this method - you will not only damage the skin, but also provoke more intense hair growth on the eyebrows.

Trimming hairs is only necessary if they are too long to remove with tweezers. They do not need to be cut "to the root", it is enough to shorten them, and then remove them with epilation.

The plucking process is best done after taking a bath, it is even better to pre-make a steam bath for your face to open the pores. In this case, it will not hurt so much, there will be no irritation.

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