❶ Five Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

❶ Five Holiday Hairstyle Ideas
❶ Five Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

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Five ideas for a holiday hairstyle
Five ideas for a holiday hairstyle

When you have a celebration, a holiday or "just" a corporate party, first of all you will not think about an outfit, shoes or accessories, although this is certainly very important. The first thing you think about is your hairstyle. After all, how interesting, effective and “stable” it is will depend on how you look and whether you will remain in a good mood until the end of the evening. Location: Location: A few hours of active fun and dancing will definitely not pass your hair without leaving a trace - after all, she will participate in this whole program. Therefore, you should not "build" on the head multi-layer, multi-storey or too complex structures. Give preference to a simple but effective styling that can be done by hand at home without much difficulty,and which will retain its shape and charm throughout the festive evening.

Long hair is a decoration in itself

Apply a dab of strong hold styling product to dry and combed hair, divide into thin strands, and roll into large or medium curlers until mid-length and spray. Dry with a hairdryer and hold the curlers as long as possible (at least an hour).

Carefully remove the curlers, gently disassemble and style the curled strands. By no means do this with a comb - you will negate all your own efforts. Sprinkle curls on the strands.

The tail is an all-time classic

The ponytail has always been and remains a favorite classic hairstyle - both everyday and festive. If you love and often wear a ponytail, make it festive with some accents.

Comb your hair into a high ponytail, open your neck - this will add sophistication and sexuality to you. To make such a ponytail is simple: on slightly damp hair, apply a little mousse for volume, tilt your head down and blow dry your hair. Then comb the hair at the crown and gather the hair.

If you prefer a low tail, lay it on your right or left shoulder, curl the ends with a curling iron and sprinkle with varnish - this is very simple to do, but it will look impressive. You can decorate the tail with a fancy hair clip, for example, with rhinestones or a flower.

The beam - simple and elegant

The bun is always in fashion, and this hairstyle is appropriate everywhere and always, in any place and for any occasion.

Which bun to choose - smooth, high, low, made from a braid or simply twisted strands gathered at the back of the head - is up to you. Any of the options looks very feminine and attractive.

On clean, slightly damp hair, apply styling mousse, wrap strand by strand with curlers. Wait for your hair to dry well, or dry it with a hair dryer. Part your hair neatly with a side parting, but do not comb it. Collect the curls on the back of the head in a tail, twist into a loose bundle, and wrap around its "base". Secure the bunch with invisible hairpins or decorative hairpins, you can leave a few strands free - this will add romance to the image.

Braids - feminine and girlish

Braids have become fashionable due to their femininity. They give a girlish charm to any of their owners. The main thing is that the pigtail must be neat.

Alternatively, make a low bun, and at the same time leave free curls at the temples. Part your hair in a straight part. Then on the left, and then on the right, braid thin pigtails. Do this towards the beam. Pin the ends of the braids to the base of the bundle. Decorate the bundle with rhinestones or a beautiful hairpin.

Spiral curls - exciting and flying

This hairstyle is very simple and does not require any special preparations, but at the same time it looks just amazing.

On slightly damp hair, apply a styling foam or mousse for a strong hold, distribute it over the entire length. Twist strand by strand vertically on the curlers, namely: start winding in the usual way, when you get almost to the hair roots - turn the curlers vertically, twist to the end and secure with hairpins.

Blow dry your hair, loosen it and shake your head a few times - so that the curls acquire a natural look. Sprinkle them lightly with varnish, maybe with sparkles.

If your hairstyle is interesting, neat and natural, the rest of the outfit will appear more elegant and expensive.

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