❶ Choosing A Nail File

❶ Choosing A Nail File
❶ Choosing A Nail File

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Choosing a nail file
Choosing a nail file

A beautiful woman is, first of all, a well-groomed woman, taking care of herself, paying attention to every detail in her appearance. After all, the image is made up of little things that say a lot. One of them is a manicure, and in order for it to be perfect, you need to know how and how to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. Location: Location:

A nail file is a common thing in a woman's cosmetic bag. However, if 20 years ago it was possible to purchase only one type of nail file - metal, then today a woman has the opportunity to pick it up depending on the type and condition of her nails. To choose this small but very useful thing correctly, you should pay attention to the abrasiveness and material.

Abrasive is hardness, it is measured in grits. Its indicator depends on the spraying: the finer it is, the higher the abrasiveness, the more delicately the nail file processes the nail. Files with low abrasiveness up to 180 grit are suitable for artificial nails. A file with an index of up to 240 grit is used to shape natural nails. For grinding and polishing, it is necessary to use files with an abrasiveness of 500 and above.

The material from which the nail file is made is essential. The most popular among modern women are emery files. Due to the fact that her main material is paper, such a nail file is cheap, which is its main advantage. It can be suitable for both artificial and natural nails, depending on the ambrasivity. Such a product should be cleaned without using water, as in this case it will become unusable. More durable corundum files similar in appearance, but differing in dusting.

Glass nail files are also popular. They are durable, easy to clean, do not damage the structure of the nail. These are great for natural nail care.

Ceramic nail files, in addition to gently giving the nails a beautiful shape, can also be used to combat rough skin around the nail. For polishing, use files made of soft materials such as suede.

The choice of a nail file should be taken seriously, because the condition and beauty of the nails depends on how correctly it is selected.

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