❶ Proper Skin Care After 25

❶ Proper Skin Care After 25
❶ Proper Skin Care After 25

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Proper skin care after 25
Proper skin care after 25

At the age of 25, the time of youth and a carefree attitude to one's appearance ends. A woman's youth after 25 years already requires close attention and proper care. Taking care of your skin at 25 is a contribution to your personal piggy bank, which determines how a woman will look at 35, 45, and 55. Location: Location:

When it comes to skin care, they often remember only about creams, masks and other "poultices", forgetting about the main thing. The main thing is that the skin is the outer shell of the organism, the state of which reflects the state of the organism itself. If the body is clean, healthy, rested, the skin will be the same. Therefore, you need to start by normalizing your lifestyle:

- go to bed no later than 10 pm;

- Eat natural, quality products (vegetables, fruits from your garden, wild berries from clean places, meat, whole milk, homemade cottage cheese, etc.). The diet should be varied and include all substances necessary for health;

- avoid consuming large amounts of sweet and fatty foods to keep the skin clean, without breakouts;

- normalize the drinking regime. During the day, you should drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water. Since with such a large amount of fluid, useful salts will also be washed out of the body, a little sea salt should be added to the water at the rate of 3 grams per 2 liters of water. Drinking enough water contributes to the excellent appearance of the skin and serves as the prevention of dark circles under the eyes;

- exercise regularly, move, walk in the fresh air. This improves skin color and prolongs its youthfulness.

As for the direct effect on the skin of the face, you will need the following skin care products:

- a soap-free cleanser. It is better to choose a cleanser from the same brand as the creams you use. You should cleanse your face twice a day - before and after bedtime. Never go to bed without washing your face, even if you are very tired, otherwise you cannot avoid blackheads and individual pimples;

- cream for skin care around the eyes. At the age of 25, there are still no pronounced mimic wrinkles, but the prevention of their appearance is already necessary, so choose not an anti-aging, but a chronoactive cream;

- a moisturizing cream with an SPF filter will help maintain the youth of your skin throughout the day;

- Chronoactive night cream will fight the appearance of the first wrinkles at night.

Your skin needs these funds like air. The rest is at your request: correctly selected lotions, tonics and masks will not harm.

Most importantly, remember that skin care is not an end in itself, the goal is to look good, so you often look in the mirror, it is your friend and will always tell you honestly how well you take care of yourself.

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