❶ Salon Manicure At Home

❶ Salon Manicure At Home
❶ Salon Manicure At Home

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Salon manicure at home
Salon manicure at home

Manicure, professionally performed in the salon, certainly pleases the eye with its perfection. But not for long. In just a few days, the varnish will come off, and you will have to repeat the procedure, which takes a lot of free time and is not cheap. Therefore, maybe you should learn how to do a manicure at home so that the result is no worse than a salon one. Is it difficult? Masters claim that with knowledge and some skill, this is possible. Location: Location: If you want to treat your nails properly, you need to deal with them when they are completely dry. That is, not after a shower, bath or wet cleaning of the apartment. Before starting the procedure, simply wash your hands and dry them dry.

The first step to perfect nails is to shape them beautifully. What it will be depends on your desire and taste, but in any case, you need to file the edge of the nail correctly. To do this, choose a glass nail file and in no case metal. It can be diamond, boxwood or sapphire coated, or have a simple sputtering on cardboard. The metal tends to crumble the nail plate and the nail begins to flake off.

One of the most important operations, on the quality of which the type of manicure depends, is the preparation of the cuticle. Previously, it was influenced in two ways. In the first case, the cuticle was simply pushed back with a special tool, in the second, it was removed with nail scissors or tweezers. Now you can apply a new, more convenient, method: cuticle removal using a special gel. Lubricate the cuticle with it, wait three to four minutes, and then wipe it along with the exfoliated skin from the surface of the nail. The gel contains vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin around the nails. By the way, instead of special creams, oils and gels, some manicurists advise to moisturize and nourish the cuticles with just a balm or hygienic lipstick.

If you decide to move and cut the cuticle, then try to use either a wooden or silicone stick, which does not injure either the nail plate or the nail hole.

The next stage of "salon" manicure is nail polishing. If you have a special machine with attachments for this, polish. But it is better not to do this with a nail file and any other tools, so as not to injure and not thin the nail. You can get rid of irregularities by applying a base - transparent varnish.

Before painting, warm the bottle in the palm of your hand, shake it to achieve a uniform consistency. Dip the brush into the varnish. Pulling it out, wipe the excess product on the edge of the bottle, wait for a drop of varnish to collect at the edge of the brush, and start painting from the little finger. To make the layer of varnish lie flat, draw the brush in this way: stepping back from the edge of the hole a few millimeters, put a point with the brush and, pressing, move it to the edge of the hole, then draw a line down the center.

Start the second stroke at the hole and draw on one side of the nail, the third on the other. When this layer of varnish is dry, proceed with the next one. To keep the manicure on your nails longer, use a transparent fixer. It not only protects nails from external influences, but also enhances the brightness and shine of the base varnish.

You should remember that the quality of a manicure also depends on the correct drying of the varnish. This should be done as long as possible (at least half an hour after the completion of the procedure).

When the varnish is completely dry, clean the skin around the nail with a cotton swab with acetone, if you accidentally touch it during painting.

If you do all this carefully and slowly, you will soon be proud of the fact that you can do a professional salon manicure at home.

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