❶ How To Choose The Right Soap

❶ How To Choose The Right Soap
❶ How To Choose The Right Soap

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How to choose the right soap
How to choose the right soap

Soap is a versatile skin cleanser. Depending on the composition of active substances and additional ingredients, it not only washes away impurities from the face and body, but also refreshes, moisturizes, nourishes, and softens. Fragrant soap can be safely used as a means of relaxation. Multi-colored curly pieces will become an original decoration of your bathroom or an exquisite gift for your friend. Location: Location:

There are various types of soap on store shelves. The most popular of them are: hygienic, natural, exfoliating, perfumery. Each variety has special qualities and its own rules of use.

Hygienic soap fully lives up to its name. It is this variety that is used for personal hygiene: washing, hand washing, bathing. This soap is suitable for deep cleansing of the skin. The composition of hygienic soap does not include, or include in a minimum amount, dyes, perfume fragrances and active ingredients. Therefore, it does not cause allergies and is suitable for all skin types.

There are two special types of hygienic soaps: baby and antibacterial. The first is for babies. Therefore, in its production, only natural ingredients are used, in particular, natural antiseptics: chamomile, sage, celandine, etc.

Antibacterial soap is a "quick response" tool. Cosmetologists do not recommend using it every day. The active ingredients contained in it are able to destroy not only harmful microbes, but also disrupt the natural balance of the skin. However, antibacterial soap is indispensable, for example, in the country or at a picnic, where you need to quickly clean your hands from dirt and dust.

Natural soap is produced both industrially and by hand, at home or in small family soap factories. It uses only natural ingredients: animal fats or plant materials, flowers, fruits, aromatic essences, herbal preparations, etc. It is a very mild variety. They can wash and bathe daily without harming their skin.

The regular use of an exfoliating soap or scrub soap gives a special cosmetic effect. Special particles are added to this grade that polish the skin. Components can be natural (crushed apricot pits, oats, loofah, ground coffee beans) or synthetic (polyethylene granules). Scrub soap is perfect for weekly face and body exfoliation.

Lovers of subtle scent will love the perfume soap. It is often produced by perfume manufacturers in addition to a single line: perfume, eau de toilette, soap. A woman who uses all means will smell her favorite scent throughout the day. The beneficial properties of perfume soap are minimal, because strong fragrances are not combined with active substances.

When choosing a soap, it is important to focus on the type and condition of the skin. The presence of inflammation, redness, peeling is a reason to contact a cosmetologist for a consultation. He will approve or prohibit the use of soap, help you choose the variety.

General rules can be followed for healthy skin. The oily sheen will remove the soap with a slight exfoliating effect. Sensitive thin skin needs soap with a high content of coconut oil or baby soap. Owners of normal skin should not abuse scrub and antibacterial soap.

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