❶ 10 Facts About Hair

❶ 10 Facts About Hair
❶ 10 Facts About Hair

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10 facts about hair
10 facts about hair

Many men are sure that the main adornment of a woman is beautiful, well-groomed hair. Indeed, it is the hair that allows us to change the image with a quick change of hairstyle. But how much do we know about one of our main strengths? Let's take a look at the facts! Location: Location:

Fact one. Hair begins to grow even before a person is born. In an embryo of four to five months, you can already see the appearance of hair. Their growth slows down by the age of fifty, and its peak occurs from thirteen to thirty years.

The second fact. Despite the apparent thinness and brittleness, each hair is able to withstand a load of about one hundred grams. Under the influence of weight, it can deform, that is, it can stretch out by a third of its length and become thinner. The strength of the hair is individual for each individual; under the influence of negative factors, they can become more brittle. The strength of the hair is significantly reduced after bleaching and perm.

Fact three. Hair growth depends on hormones, namely, on the ratio of male and female hormones in the human body. Men stimulate the growth of facial and body hair, women - on the head.

Fact four. In women, hair is on the head for about six years, and in men - about three. Each hair follicle is capable of growing about thirty hairs.

Fact five. It has been proven that the length of the hairstyle depends on the person's race. The shortest hair is worn by black people, and the longest by the Mongols. On average, they grow by twelve centimeters per year, the speed can vary depending on race, genetic predisposition, human health and many other factors.

Fact six. The vast majority of hair - eighty percent - is in the growth stage, only twenty percent is in the stage of loss. This is a natural process, about a hundred hairs fall out every day, and new ones begin to grow. If the hair is thinning too sharply, it is worth contacting a specialist. The most common causes of excessive hair loss are stress, hormonal disorders, thyroid and digestive disorders, and poor diet.

Fact seven. Hair roots in women are two to three millimeters deeper than in men, so men are more prone to baldness.

Fact eight. The worst enemy of hairstyles is hard tap water. In addition, ultraviolet rays, curling and dyeing, as well as drying with a hairdryer, have a detrimental effect on the hair.

Fact nine. Masks are the best hair care product. They help to restore the health and beauty of the hair as efficiently as possible.

Fact ten. Despite the many care products and all kinds of salon procedures, most men are at risk of baldness by the age of sixty.

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