❶ Makeup And Lighting

❶ Makeup And Lighting
❶ Makeup And Lighting

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Makeup and lighting
Makeup and lighting

Makeup tends to change depending on the lighting, so you need to know some rules. These rules will allow you to always remain attractive and irresistible, regardless of the time of day and lighting features. Location: Location:

The whole secret lies in the fact that from the intensity and naturalness of lighting there is a different perception of the color scheme. Therefore, modest makeup in the daytime can turn into a terrible mask under the light of fluorescent lamps.

Sunny days and natural sunlight suggest an enhanced display of various skin imperfections, so for such a time it is advisable to carefully correct any wrinkles, blemishes, etc. In the daytime, it is advisable not to use bright and defiant tones, it is wiser to use natural shades.

Office lighting is different from daylight, so employees should focus on the specifics of lighting in the workroom. For example, the yellow light of the lamps practically does not distort the applied makeup, therefore it is the most optimal for modern girls. Makeup with a bluish shade of lamps should be done in warm shades, since cold tones combined with blue light will turn a girl's face into a sick person.

Evening activities offer warm light to relax the eyes after a tiring day. Typically, in this kind of lighting, it is advisable to choose cool shades for makeup and lighten skin tone. Excessive tanning visually increases a woman's age, which is unacceptable for a female.

The lighting of modern club venues involves the possibility of applying pearlescent shades and shiny elements. Of course, at the same time, the girl should not look like a Christmas tree, only separate parts (lips, eyelids) stand out. As a rule, the lighting in discos constantly alternates, so it is necessary to use cold and warm colors in the makeup.

Thus, any feature of the lighting requires an individual way of applying makeup. This will allow you to remain an attractive woman in any light, and not a frightening monster.

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