❶ Hardware Cosmetics: Lipolysis

❶ Hardware Cosmetics: Lipolysis
❶ Hardware Cosmetics: Lipolysis

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Hardware cosmetics: lipolysis
Hardware cosmetics: lipolysis

Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat cells. In the body, this process occurs constantly. The purpose of hardware lipolysis is to artificially cause the breakdown of fat cells. Location: Location:

During biological lipolysis, fat cells break down into fatty acids and triglycerides. At the same time, fatty acids are very quickly absorbed by the body (if during this period a person does not need additional energy, then these acids are simply removed from the body). The situation is different with triglycerides. For their assimilation, a longer period is required, since this substance has a more complex composition.

The purpose of biochemical lipolysis is to restore energy levels in the body, while hardware lipolysis is aimed at removing excess fat.

Hardware lipolysis is carried out by four methods: electric, vacuum, laser and ultrasonic. The most aggressive is the vacuum method, which can provoke complications due to its trauma. Electric, laser and ultrasound methods are more gentle and rarely cause side effects.

Electrical lipolysis is carried out using electrodes located both on the surface and deep in the skin. When exposed to it, fat cells break down into components and are quickly absorbed by the body.

When using ultrasonic lipolysis, the effect on fat cells occurs using high frequency waves, as a result of which the fat cells are destroyed, and the skin becomes more elastic, cellulite disappears.

The laser method allows you to remove fat cells using a laser beam, which not only destroys them, but also removes decay products outside.

Before using any type of lipolysis, you must seek the advice of a specialist who will reveal the absence or presence of contraindications. The doctor will also select the type of lipolysis that is optimal for you, as well as prescribe the required number of procedures.

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