❶ Secret Of Seductive Lips

❶ Secret Of Seductive Lips
❶ Secret Of Seductive Lips

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The secret of seductive lips
The secret of seductive lips

Often, when caring for the skin of the face and body, hair and nails, a woman does not pay due attention to her lips, which affects her entire appearance. Meanwhile, the secret of seductive lips lies in the proper and regular care of them. Location: Location:

The skin on the lips is delicate and soft, which is admired by poets and romantics who compare women's lips to rose petals. There are practically no sebaceous glands on them, and the blood vessels are very close to the surface. Therefore, the lips quickly dry out under the influence of the sun, weathered from the wind and cold, and crack from frost.

If you do not start caring for your lips from an early age, then at a more mature age, the contours of the lips will blur, and they themselves will be covered with wrinkles and become flabby. To prevent this in advance, you need to regularly massage, use moisturizers, protective balms with UV filters and vitamins, and do lip exercises.

Gymnastics for seductive lips:

- fold your lips with a "straw" and blow on an imaginary "dandelion" several times;

- stretch your lips, widely pronouncing the sounds A, O, U, E, I;

- stretch your lips and, straining them, blow the air out of your mouth.

An interesting fact was established by scientists: a kiss is an excellent exercise for the lips. It improves blood circulation, increases lip skin tone, massages their surface.

Lip care is about daily cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection. Cleans the lips with milk or cosmetic oil, applying these products to a sponge or cotton pad and rubbing the skin with gentle movements. After cleansing, it is helpful to massage your lips with a gentle scrub or toothbrush. This will free them from dead unnecessary cells. After the massage procedure, you need to saturate your lips with nutrients, that is, apply a moisturizer by hammering your fingers onto their surface.

In winter, protect your lips from frost and wind with rich nourishing creams and balms. In the summer, buy gloss and lipsticks with UV filters.

Lip cosmetics containing glycerin, vitamins A and E, beeswax, orange essential oil will make your lips soft and seductive. In addition to industrially produced lip balms and lipsticks, homemade ointment is very useful for lip care. Mix in a small jar 1 tsp. boric petroleum jelly and 3/4 tsp. castor oil. Place a drop of orange essential oil in the ointment. This natural emollient makes lips soft and elastic, improves their color, brightens it, which means your image becomes more sexy and attractive.

If you are very worried about dry lips with increased care for them, you should drink a course of B vitamins.

Accustom yourself to daily lip care, then you will always delight others with your seductive smile.

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