❶ How To Care For Your Face In Winter

❶ How To Care For Your Face In Winter
❶ How To Care For Your Face In Winter

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How to care for your face in winter
How to care for your face in winter

In winter, the skin suffers not only from frost and wind, but also from too dry indoor air and constant temperature changes. When caring for her, you will have to take into account all these points and provide the face with hydration, protection and nutrition. To keep your skin feeling good in winter, expand your daily skin care program. Location: Location: In the cold season, the skin can surprise, slightly changing its type. Normal skin becomes dry, oily skin becomes sensitive. These features should be considered when choosing care products. Instead of lightweight gels and emulsions ideal for spring and summer, opt for rich textures that can be used under makeup before going out. Lubricate your face with moisturizer at night, and apply moisturizing masks twice a week.

Instead of washing your face in the morning, wipe your face with cosmetic milk and alcohol-free toner. Flaky skin will need a light exfoliation. Set aside coarse scrubs and try gels with fruit acids - they will remove dead skin particles and even out its relief without causing irritation. Remove makeup, wipe with toner and apply a thin layer of peeling gel on it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and apply a moisturizer to your face.

Do not use toners or lotions that contain alcohol, as they can dry out already stressed skin. Choose products with herbal extracts or natural floral waters of rose, lavender or chamomile. Hydrolat can be made by yourself or purchased at a pharmacy.

Chapped cheeks can be treated with hot oil or cream compresses. Apply a thick layer of baby cream or almond oil to the affected area and cover your face with a towel soaked in hot water and wrung out well. Lie with this compress for 10-15 minutes. Remove any remaining cream by rubbing the skin with a mild toner. The procedure should be carried out every other day, until the problem is completely eliminated.

If you have to be outside for a long time, protect your skin with a special anti-frost cream. It can be replaced with almond oil - apply it all over your face, wait a little and remove excess with a towel. Be sure to apply foundation and powder on top - they will serve as additional protection from the cold.

Do you spend too much time in heated rooms? Get a can of thermal water and spray it on your face as often as possible. Replenish body fluids by drinking plain clean water. Dry hot air is very dangerous for the skin - it contributes to dryness, wrinkles and other troubles.

Check your makeup bag - it might be time to refresh your makeup supply. Instead of a light fluid, buy a thicker foundation, and replace the gloss with lipstick with added oils. Do not neglect the powder and renew it several times during the day - it will create a protective veil that prevents the skin from drying out.

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