Laser Whitening: Pros And Cons

Laser Whitening: Pros And Cons
Laser Whitening: Pros And Cons

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Laser whitening: pros and cons
Laser whitening: pros and cons

Today dentistry offers many services, but laser teeth whitening is especially popular. The reason for this is instant results. And so far, neither photobleaching nor chemical whitening can compare in efficiency with a laser. Location: Location:

In just a few minutes, you become the happy owner of a snow-white smile, no matter how dark your teeth are by nature. Could your parents have dreamed about it? Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure, is it as harmless as advertising is trying to assure us of this? First you need to know that whitening uses a substance such as hydrogen peroxide.

First of all, women who have repeatedly exposed their hair to bleaching have heard about him. Luxurious golden hair - and everyone's attention is guaranteed. But it is worth touching such hair and the euphoria from the external gloss and presentability disappears. Hair is coarse, like dry grass - not a pleasant feeling. A similar story is with teeth: the tooth enamel is exposed to a chemical and the pigment is destroyed.

Unpleasant consequences can be avoided if your enamel is strong. Laser whitening has a negative effect on the health of teeth, which have thin, demineralized enamel. Not the least important is the composition of the bleaching mixture and the recovery sessions after whitening. For a mild effect on dental tissues, the doctor must dilute hydrogen peroxide by adding fluoride and a special complex of minerals. But to speed up the whitening process, a laser beam is used, thanks to which the teeth are rapidly lightened. Without a laser, the procedure would have taken several days or even weeks.

After laser whitening, a professional dentist necessarily takes additional measures to remineralize tooth enamel, as well as a course of fluoridation.

Now you can consider all the pros and cons of laser whitening.


- teeth whiteness lasts on average up to seven years

- the procedure is instant and less harmless, unlike other types of whitening (in the absence of contraindications)

- your self-esteem and the beauty of a smile grow


- Implants and crowns have to be replaced, as none of the bleaching methods affects the color of artificial materials.

- The presence of contraindications. The doctor informs about this in advance without fail. The main contraindications:

1. The presence of carious teeth;

2. Presence of periodontal diseases;

3. Allergy to drugs;

4. The period of pregnancy and lactation;

5. Minority.

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