❶ How To Clean Hair Dye

❶ How To Clean Hair Dye
❶ How To Clean Hair Dye

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How to clean hair dye
How to clean hair dye

Many women dye their hair at home. It's good if a friend or an invited specialist helps you. Then the procedure itself and its consequences will take place with the least likelihood of unpleasant consequences, such as: unpainted, uneven coloring or stains of paint on the skin or clothes. Location: Location: For dyeing hair, mainly dyes are used, consisting of aggressive chemicals, so you need to take care of your safety and cleanliness of the things you are wearing. Use a special plastic wrap and gloves for the procedure. Also, choose the right clothing. Find an old, dark turtleneck to keep paint away from your décolleté and to protect your neck as much as possible.

Before the coloring procedure, lubricate the skin near the hairline, behind the ears, and the back of the neck with a greasy cosmetic face cream, which to a certain extent will protect the skin from the effects of chemical dye.

However, if a nuisance nevertheless occurred, and the paint got on the face, neck, décolleté, you must immediately take some measures:

Take a cotton pad, soak it in soapy water and wipe it off immediately.

Also use any makeup remover to remove fresh hair dye from your skin.

If you do not immediately notice spots on the skin, and the paint has soaked up, wipe the stained areas with a disc or cotton swab dipped in cologne or vodka.

Lemon juice is a folk remedy for skin lightening. Soak a piece of cotton wool in freshly squeezed juice and wipe the stain.

Another little trick is suggested by hairdressers. Apply a little of the same color you dyed your hair to the dye stain, wait a minute, then rinse everything off with warm water.

Many luxury cosmetics manufacturers offer their products for cleaning the skin from hair dye. These are special creams such as UTOPIK CLEANER, Hair Light Remover, Igora Color Remover, etc. However, their price is quite high, and it is advisable to buy such products if you constantly dye your hair at home. From domestic products for cleaning the skin from stains of hair dye, specialists recommend the "Lokon" perm.

Either way, do an allergy test before using any stain remover. Lubricate your wrist with this product and wait a few minutes. If your skin does not turn red, you can safely use it to cleanse hair dye.

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