❶ Care For Dry Skin

❶ Care For Dry Skin
❶ Care For Dry Skin

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Dry skin care
Dry skin care

Dry skin is very moody. It reacts to cold, wind, too dry indoor air, insufficient or excessive care. In addition, it is often very delicate and therefore requires extremely delicate handling. However, it is quite easy to care for dry skin, you just need to choose the right program and cosmetics. Location: Location:

You need to take care of dry skin constantly. If you skip a few days, it will become rough and flaky. This is the most common type of protest of dry skin against many negative factors. And a dislike for cold or too dry air, it can indicate uneven redness and a feeling of constant tightness.

Daily care should include cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating the skin. Cosmetics should not contain alcohol or other drying components. It is better to replace the cleansing toner for removing make-up with a mild cosmetic milk. All kinds of foaming cleansers or regular cosmetic soaps are not suitable for dry skin. Non-lathering creams not only gently cleanse dry skin, but soften it at the same time. Natural soap based on washed natural oils without the use of surfactants (potassium and sodium soap) is also quite suitable.

Large, hard granules of exfoliants are not suitable for dry skin, however, exfoliation procedures are still needed. They are not carried out very often, on average, once a week or less often, using delicate means. The best option is a cream-based exfoliant with small round polyethylene granules that do not injure the thin skin of the face. For deeper cleaning, salon ultrasonic cleaning is suitable.

A daily care cream should moisturize dry skin and protect it from moisture loss throughout the day. The best option is two creams: day (light consistency) and night (more nutritious and thick). You should not choose a cream on the principle "if only it does not tighten." After using a quality cream, not only the feeling of dryness disappears. The skin becomes soft, looks fresher and, most importantly, it seems to be filled with moisture from the inside, its tone is significantly increased. Unfortunately, the bulk of mid-priced creams do not provide such an effect.

Dry skin is quite supportive of ampoule cosmetics and moisturizing cosmetic serums, but the reaction to each of the products must be determined independently. It is better to choose a product that can be used with the main cream, since the use of even water-based moisturizing and skin-nourishing formulations as an independent product can lead to the same dryness and flaking.

Dry skin needs extra nourishment. Nourishing masks should be used at least twice a week. It's a good idea to alternate them with masks to tone up your skin. The foundation should be selected with additional moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and a protective filter against UF rays.

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