❶ Proper Care For Dry Hair

❶ Proper Care For Dry Hair
❶ Proper Care For Dry Hair

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Proper care for dry hair
Proper care for dry hair

Dry type of hair gives its owners a lot of trouble. That is why dry hair needs careful, regular and proper care. This also includes the use of moisturizing and nourishing masks to help your hair look healthy and strong. Location: Location: The main causes of hair loss and excessive dryness are trauma and improper care. This problem occurs in people with reduced sebum production, which causes hair to become brittle with split ends. Therefore, caring for them should be gentle, so as not to cause even more harm to the hair.

When you start washing your hair, remember that your hair type does not like hot water. Therefore, set the optimal water temperature, it should be close to body temperature (that is, approximately 36.5-37 ° C). Use a shampoo suitable for your hair type, do not apply it in a concentrated form. It will be better if you dilute it with a little water before applying. In this way, you will maintain the alkaline balance of your hair and scalp without further disturbing it. After washing, rinse your head with a cool decoction of herbs from St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula or nettle.

Refuse to use devices for drying and styling your hair, dry hair does not like curling iron, hair dryer and iron. The hot effect of these devices has a negative effect on the water balance of the scalp and hair, as a result - section and fragility. Choose more gentle styling methods, dry your hair naturally, and use tourniquets to curl.

Since dry hair is rather easy to get tangled and brittle, it is necessary to be as patient and careful as possible when combing it. Do not rip or jerk them as this will injure them even more. Use a natural comb for combing, such as a wooden comb or a natural bristle brush. Massage brushes stimulate the cutting process and are therefore not recommended.

Local effects with masks play an important role in the proper care of dry hair. They promote active hair growth, make it vital and less dry. Use masks every time before washing your hair, first, the composition is rubbed into the scalp, and then distributed along the entire length.

To prepare a nourishing mask, you will need one or two egg yolks (depending on the length of your hair), which you need to beat with a tablespoon of castor oil and the same amount of olive oil. Rub the prepared composition into the scalp, distribute the rest over the hair, put on a plastic cap. After one hour, wash off the oil mixture with a mild shampoo and warm water.

Dry hair can be successfully restored with the help of fresh cabbage juice, which can be safely called a real pantry of vitamins. For half an hour before washing your hair, rub the cabbage juice into your skin and wet your hair. Then wash your hair in the usual way. Thanks to this compress, the hair will grow stronger and acquire a healthy shine.

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