❶ How To Master The Art Of Hollywood Smile

❶ How To Master The Art Of Hollywood Smile
❶ How To Master The Art Of Hollywood Smile

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How to master the art of the Hollywood smile
How to master the art of the Hollywood smile

The ability to smile will help you in any situation. A wide smile opens doors and souls of people, helps to cope with difficulties. However, it does not always turn out to be sincere and kind by itself - to master the art of the Hollywood smile, you need to work hard. Location: Location: Smiling is not only a manifestation of our well-being, pleasure and good thoughts. It is also a great psychological tool to help in various situations. For example, with the help of a smile, you can win over the interlocutor, achieve condescension and forgiveness for wrongdoing, increase success and prosperity. Even smiling through tears or putting on a “mask” of cheerfulness through force can still improve mood, since muscles transmit a signal to the brain.

A smile results from the simultaneous action of about 40 muscles, so a good workout is essential. You won't get a good, sincere smile if you don't first stretch the muscles of your face. To do this, you can use the following exercises.

1. Close your lips, pull them forward and draw a figure eight with them. Relax for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.

2. Press your lips together tightly, taking in more air, try to exhale the air through your mouth. You will feel the muscles in your cheeks tighten.

3. Fold your lips with a tube, opening your mouth slightly. Pull your lips forward and hold the position for a few seconds, then exhale sharply and relax the muscles.

4. Stick out your tongue and try to wrap your lips around it. Keep your lips tense for a few seconds, then relax all the muscles.

5. Stretch your lips into a wide unnatural smile, this exercise also perfectly develops facial expressions.

When you're ready physically, try to tune in mentally. A positive attitude is very important, if you are by nature a gloomy and harsh person, urgently change your attitude towards life. More often remember comical and funny situations, the smiles of children, the first date, the purchase of a long-awaited thing. Even if there are no such events in your life, come up with them. When a smile crawled onto your face by itself - this is what you need, remember the feeling and your thoughts at this moment.

For a smile to be sincere, you need to learn to smile with your eyes. To do this, practice in front of the mirror, trying to understand the facial expressions of your face. Most often, the eyes slightly squinted at the corners of the eyes look smiling, the lower eyelid needs to be slightly raised and give the face an expression of enthusiasm and recklessness.

Rehearse the smile itself in front of the mirror, it often happens that it does not reflect true feelings. Try to portray a "Hollywood" dazzling smile, a slight half-smile, a grin, surprised, cold, protective, incredulous, or whatever. Try to make sure that all of them are pleasant to you, and evoke in those around you exactly the feelings that you need.

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