❶ Subtleties Of Care For Extended Nails

❶ Subtleties Of Care For Extended Nails
❶ Subtleties Of Care For Extended Nails

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The subtleties of care for extended nails
The subtleties of care for extended nails

Cosmetology tools available today allow you to acquire luxurious nails even for those who, by nature, are quite brittle and fragile. In connection with the emergence of modern beauty technologies, the question of how to care for extended nails is becoming more and more relevant, especially since there are no special difficulties in this process. Location: Location: So, luxurious nails are created and painted with a bright pattern, it remains only to maintain their shape in such a way as not to harm the nail coating.

First of all, this applies to nail polish removers. Of course, almost every girl knows that acetone, which is part of individual nail polish removers, is destructive. But if for ordinary nails it is dangerous only in terms of health, then the gel or acrylic coating from which the extended nails are created simply dissolves under the influence of acetone.

You can also deal with the cuticle only in special gentle ways. Nippers and tweezers injure artificial nails, so the manicure should not be edged. A nail file and a polishing agent are also specific, it is advisable to consult about them with the specialist who extended the nails.

Artificial nails are strong enough, but this is not a reason to open bottles with them. The extended nails are firmly connected with relatives. Therefore, in the event of a break in the nail cover, the pain will be very strong, because along with the artificial nail, its own will come off.

Artificial nails do not like sudden changes in temperature, so diving into a cold pool after visiting a sauna is not recommended.

Caring for extended nails is quite specific. Therefore, it is best to entrust their creation, correction and removal to a professional. At home, the risk of damaging your own nail when removing an enlarged nail is too great. It will be necessary to correct the shape every three weeks, otherwise the risk of nail injury increases, and the appearance worsens. The growing own nail plate needs to be coated with gel or acrylic.

Immediately you need to be prepared for the fact that due to the loads that their own nail plates are experiencing, after removing the artificial ones from them, they will come to their senses for a long time. As well as needing extra careful care. Therefore, extended nails are good for everyone, except that you have to pay for their beauty with the health of natural nails.

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