❶ Sweat Protection: Choosing And Using Antiperspirants

❶ Sweat Protection: Choosing And Using Antiperspirants
❶ Sweat Protection: Choosing And Using Antiperspirants

Video: ❶ Sweat Protection: Choosing And Using Antiperspirants

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Sweat protection: choosing and using antiperspirants
Sweat protection: choosing and using antiperspirants

With the help of perspiration, our body removes a lot of unnecessary substances outside, and also saves us from overheating in hot weather. Sweat itself does not smell. But as soon as it comes into contact with the bacteria in our body, the release of an unpleasant odor begins. How to deal with increased sweating in the heat? With the help of antiperspirants, of course. Unlike deodorants, these personal care products do not drown out the smell of sweat, but rather fight the causes of it. Location: Location:

The principle of action of the antiperspirant is as follows: due to the salts of aluminum and zinc included in its composition, it blocks the work of the sweat glands for a while, narrowing their ducts. This hygiene product should be used correctly, otherwise you can harm your health with it.

Rules for the use of antiperspirants:

- You need to apply antiperspirant at night or in the morning. At the same time, the armpit skin should be clean and dry. If you regularly apply antiperspirant to damp or unclean skin, various inflammations of the sweat glands can occur.

- The antiperspirant should be thoroughly rinsed off the skin during the shower.

- It is not recommended to use antiperspirant more than once a day, as it will clog the ducts of the sweat glands, which again can provoke inflammation. If re-use cannot be avoided, then make sure that the break between use of the antiperspirant is at least 7 hours. Before reapplying, the armpits should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

- Antiperspirants are for use in the underarm area only. Do not apply them to the back or chest area - this can lead to a violation of heat transfer in your body.

- Do not use antiperspirant if you exercise or go to the beach, sauna or steam room. In these cases, blocking perspiration is unhealthy.

- Choose an antiperspirant scent that will not contrast with the scent of your perfume and will not drown it out.

Antiperspirants are now available at any store at a very reasonable price. Their choice is very large. All antiperspirants are divided into several groups: sprays, roll-ons, solid, gels, creams, talc. Creams and talcum powder are suitable for sensitive skin. Sprays contain a lot of alcohol and can cause irritation. Roll-on antiperspirants are very popular because they soothe underarm skin, even if it has been damaged by shaving. Their disadvantage is that they dry for a long time. Solid antiperspirants (sticks) are very comfortable, but they can stain clothes by accumulating in the armpit folds. Gels, according to experts, are the best and most effective among antiperspirants, since they are evenly distributed over the armpit, dry quickly, do not leave marks on clothes, and they are also economical to use.

It is worth remembering that an antiperspirant is a purely personal hygiene product. Therefore, it is unacceptable to use one antiperspirant with someone. The bacteria in our body that remain on the surface of the stick or roller are harmless to us, but foreign bacteria can cause inflammation in the armpits. Sprays that do not come into contact with our body during use win in this regard.

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