❶ Home Slimming Wraps

❶ Home Slimming Wraps
❶ Home Slimming Wraps

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Slimming home wraps
Slimming home wraps

Losing weight naturally at home, without resorting to visiting doctors and buying expensive drugs with dubious effects - every woman who is faced with the problem of excess weight dreams of this. In this situation, homemade wraps can come to the rescue. Location: Location:

Honey wrap has a number of properties beneficial to the body: it helps fight cellulite, reduces waist volume, improves skin tone, enhances metabolism, helps to remove excess fluid from the body, and helps get rid of scars and stretch marks.

In order to prepare a honey cream for such a wrap, you need very little time and a minimum of ingredients.

Take natural honey, melt it with a water bath. When the honey has cooled down a little, lubricate the problem areas of your body with it, wrapping them on top with plastic wrap. Leave the film on for 30 minutes to an hour. During the time while you are wrapping, you can do some physical procedures to enhance the effect. After the allotted time, it is necessary to remove the film, do a small massage of your problem areas and rinse the honey from the body. Regularly carrying out such wraps at home, you will lose weight and improve your health.

There are also contraindications to such procedures: these are diseases of the cardiovascular system, allergic reactions to bee products.

Various auxiliary components can be added to honey to enhance the effect produced.

For example, another option for making honey cream for home body wrap for weight loss is the following: two tablespoons of mustard powder are diluted in a small amount of water, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, sugar and salt are added there, everything is mixed well and left for a day in warm place. After a day, the same amount of heated honey is added to this mass. The mixture is applied to the body, and then proceed as in the previous recipe.

In addition, substances such as fruit and vegetable juice, yoghurts, alcohol, table vinegar, and various oils can be added to the honey mixture for wrapping.

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