❶ A Little About Japanese Cosmetics

❶ A Little About Japanese Cosmetics
❶ A Little About Japanese Cosmetics

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A little about Japanese cosmetics
A little about Japanese cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics are characterized by the use and constant implementation of the latest developments in skin care products. Cosmetics are of high quality, but not always affordable. Location: Location:

Cosmetics native to Japan seem to be something surprisingly exotic and magical. Most of the cosmetics from Japanese manufacturers are truly hypoallergenic, contain natural ingredients such as aloe, herbal and algae extracts, and in lines for aging skin, placenta, cell extracts that will undoubtedly benefit your skin.

The distinctive quality of Japanese cosmetics is the result of its perfect balance and constant implementation of the latest scientific developments. The Japanese were the first in the world to use hyaluronic acid, and in a low molecular weight and high molecular weight form, which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin, moisturizing it from the inside and creating a breathable moisture-retaining film outside.

The Japanese are recognized leaders in anti-aging preparations, the effect of a good cream is visible after a few days of use.

Products to reduce hyperpigmentation on the face work great, since Japanese women are very demanding on the whiteness of their skin.

At home, it is good to use gel masks applied to a special base and having a moisturizing and tightening effect.

Decorative cosmetics from Japan can also boast of excellent quality, although European ones are not much inferior to them.

The most famous brands of Japanese cosmetics: Shiseido, Esthe GAGA, Ameniti, Hisamitsy, La Mente, Kiss, Kanebo.

Make-up brands from Japan: Shiseido, Kanebo, Lunasol, Sana, Anna Sui.

Japanese cosmetics have only one drawback - the high price.

Be sure to consult a beautician before buying anything, especially when choosing professional cosmetics. And do not buy cosmetics in obscure places, since recently quite high-quality fakes have appeared - in appearance, but not in composition.

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