❶ How To Glue Eyelashes

❶ How To Glue Eyelashes
❶ How To Glue Eyelashes

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How to glue eyelashes
How to glue eyelashes

If a girl or woman has naturally gorgeous eyelashes, then thanks to this she looks like a princess. Fluffy and long eyelashes make the look expressive and charming. If you are not the happy owner of them, do not be discouraged. You can always use invoices. Location: Location: To look stylish and elegant, false eyelashes should be purchased with a natural length and density. Plus, they shouldn't scratch, so choose ones that are made of a soft material rather than plastic. Then they will look natural, like natural. To visually enlarge your eyes, give depth and expressiveness, use black eyelashes, which are also great for evening makeup.

You need to glue them with a special glue for eyelashes, which becomes transparent when dry. It is advisable to buy it complete with eyelashes. If the glue is of good quality and is latex-based, then the fake eyelashes will hold securely. The glue is dark or transparent. It's good if the kit comes with a brush, with which you can apply the glue neatly and in a thin strip.

It is very simple to glue eyelashes, there are several simple guidelines for this:

• Fake eyelashes should be the size of your eyes. Before sticking them on, try on the eyelashes to the eyelids using tweezers. If they are longer than the line of your eyes, you need to cut off the excess part from the strip.

• To achieve the most natural look of false eyelashes, cut them to half their length. In this case, use only one copy from the set on the upper eyelids. This method is suitable for daytime makeup and women with light eyebrows and eyelashes.

• If you want to make a brighter or evening make-up, it is better to stick on the entire length of the lash. Thus, you will give the look more expressiveness. Thick artificial eyelashes look especially impressive with smoky eyes, where the emphasis is on the eyes.

• Apply eyelashes only after completely applying eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and mascara to your eyes.

• The glue should only be applied to the eyelash tape, should not be applied directly to the eyelids or eyelashes. Use a pair of tweezers to take the fake eyelash tape and gently brush it with glue. There is no need to be afraid if it is bright white: after drying it will become transparent and invisible. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky before gluing.

• Gently apply the strip of eyelash glue along the growth line of your lashes, as close to their roots as possible, without distorting the shape of the eye. At the same time, pay special attention to the tips of the fake eyelashes so that they do not come off and stick out. Therefore, press down not only the middle of the strip, but also its ends, while using cosmetic tweezers. After gluing, gently separate the stuck lashes with tweezers.

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