❶ Japanese Facial Massage Technique

❶ Japanese Facial Massage Technique
❶ Japanese Facial Massage Technique

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Japanese facial massage technique
Japanese facial massage technique

Facial massage strengthens facial muscles and tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation, so that the skin remains elastic and smooth for longer. The Japanese method of facial massage works on specific points, contributing to better relaxation and improvement of general condition. Location: Location: The big advantage of Japanese facial massage is that it can be done on your own without resorting to specialist services. However, it is important to follow the sequence of actions, the total time is no more than 20 minutes.

Before starting the massage, thoroughly cleanse your face and neck from cosmetics, and your hands should also be clean. The touch should be light and gentle, there is no need to stretch and rub the skin. It is best to do Japanese massage in the morning to achieve the best results.

Start the massage by applying pressure to points in the eye area. First massage the area at the base of the eyebrows, then on the sides of the bridge of the nose at the inner corners of the eyes. Use your thumb pads to slide from your upper eyelid to these points.

Pounding the outer corners of the eyes and the ends of the upper eyelids will help improve brain function and relieve eye fatigue. Find paired points under the eyes and press firmly with the pads of four fingers, touch them and make movements towards the ears. So you normalize the work of the heart, protect the body from infections.

Starting from the points in the middle of the forehead (at the base of the eyebrows) to the hair, massage the forehead, gently moving all fingers. These movements will improve visual acuity and overall health. To improve performance, identify paired points at which the hair goes down to the temples and continue to massage the forehead, horizontally and towards the center.

From the inner corners of the eyes, slide downward, then make several massaging wave-like movements above the ears - this is necessary to improve memory and normalize kidney function.

The next step is performed in the neck and mouth area. Move with smooth movements from the hollow under the nose to the corners of the mouth, massage this area. Press down on the points under the skull (at the edge of the posterior fossa) and move forward towards the ears. Return to the lips and walk lightly from the corners of the lips to the hollow under the nose.

Massage your chin, from the center to the corners of the lips, then work from the chin to the cheekbones, all the way to the ears. Complete the massage from the middle of the cervical tendons to the throat using all fingers.

After finishing the massage, moisturize your skin with a non-greasy toner or lotion. To achieve a visible effect, you need to do a Japanese massage every day for two weeks - and you will notice how wrinkles are smoothed, your skin refreshed and looks healthier.

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