❶ Cosmetics For Skin Care After 25

❶ Cosmetics For Skin Care After 25
❶ Cosmetics For Skin Care After 25

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Skin care cosmetics after 25
Skin care cosmetics after 25

Everyone knows that different skin care cosmetics are suitable for different age categories. After twenty-five years, you need to monitor your skin very carefully. Despite the fact that collagen fibers at this age have not yet lost their elasticity, it is during this period that the first mimic wrinkles begin to appear. Location: Location:

Cosmetics, bad habits, polluted environment, strong wind, sun rays, too low or too high temperatures - all this primarily affects the skin. That is why after twenty-five years, it will be very useful to use creams containing vitamin E and fruit acids. In addition, these substances can help fight expression lines.

Another feature of the period after twenty-five years is that at this time, under the influence of various factors, the release of moisture, and hence the hydration of the skin, slows down. Without enough moisture, the skin becomes much more vulnerable. Special creams, lotions and tonics will help to moisturize it. But you need to be very careful with all moisturizers, because they can be used only when the humidity in the room is at least 60%.

The principle of action of moisturizers is based on the fact that they absorb moisture from the air and give it to the skin. But if the room is not humid enough, these funds will act the other way around - take moisture from the skin and release it into the environment.

Also, after twenty-five years, it is necessary to regularly cleanse the skin. One of the means of cleansing the skin is exfoliation, but this procedure is not suitable for those with dry skin, as it can damage it. For a softer cleansing, you can use various mousses, foams and masks, which can also saturate the skin with essential trace elements and remove toxins.

In addition, on sunny days, cosmetologists recommend using special protective creams, since ultraviolet rays cause great harm to the skin.

After twenty-five years, skin care should be regular and comprehensive, in this case it will be possible to avoid premature aging of the skin. Keep her healthy and looking good.

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