❶ Is There A Safe Hair Dye

❶ Is There A Safe Hair Dye
❶ Is There A Safe Hair Dye

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Is there a safe hair dye
Is there a safe hair dye

Hair color determines not only the type of appearance, but also the character. You can often find quite stereotypical opinions that all blondes, without exception, are feminine, brunettes are smart, and redheads are passionate. Often, women want to try themselves in all looks. You can't do without the help of hair dye. But it's no secret that permanent dyeing is harmful to hair. Location: Location:

Dyes containing ammonia damage the hair by disrupting its structure. It is not surprising that after periodic use of such dyes, the hair begins to break, frizz, and requires long-term treatment.

Recently, the cosmetics market has been conquered by ammonia-free hair dyes. They are more careful about the hair, only enveloping it, and not penetrating into the structure itself. This avoids damage. However, they often include other, milder oxidizing agents, such as hydrogen peroxide. In addition, you will have to use ammonia-free dyes much more often, so these oxidants can still negatively affect the hair structure.

Some of the safest dyes are natural dyes - henna and basma. But their use can also have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, they are only suitable for painting in dark and copper shades. Secondly, they shed quite a lot, so they can leave marks on clothes. Thirdly, frequent use of henna is also undesirable, it makes the hair heavier.

In addition, after dyeing with natural dyes, you cannot dye your hair with any chemical - the result can be extremely unpredictable.

It is also not recommended to use henna to paint over gray hair, but basma may well be suitable for this. However, you cannot apply the latter to blonde hair, otherwise it may turn greenish.

Natural paints practically do not cause allergies, but they must be applied very carefully. They are difficult to wash off the skin.

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