❶ Lipofilling - An Alternative To Silicone?

❶ Lipofilling - An Alternative To Silicone?
❶ Lipofilling - An Alternative To Silicone?

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Lipofilling - an alternative to silicone?
Lipofilling - an alternative to silicone?

Until recently, mammoplasty, involving the use of silicone implants, was the only way to increase breast size. Lipofilling - a modern method of enlarging the mammary glands by transplanting your own fat - gives amazing results and is suitable for women who do not want to have anything foreign in their bodies. Location: Location:

The demand for lipofilling is an operation that allows a woman not only to enlarge her breasts, but also to correct the imperfections of her figure, despite many years of debate about its effectiveness and safety, is growing every year. After two decades of heated debate on this topic, this method was recognized by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons as suitable for breast correction and safe for the patient's health.

Today, lipofilling, acting as an alternative to classical mammoplasty, is one of the most promising trends in modern aesthetic surgery. This operation is suitable for patients who do not wish to use silicone implants.

The operation consists of two stages. Initially, it is necessary to obtain fatty tissue from the outer thighs in order to use them for transplantation. The success of the operation depends on the quality of the transplanted fat cells. It is important that they are alive and not damaged, therefore classical liposuction techniques are not applicable in this case.

Cells for transplantation are obtained using the Body Jet method of water-jet liposuction, which allows for the gentle separation of fatty tissues, avoiding damage and making them an ideal material for transplantation.

After three months from the day of the operation, about 75% of the transplanted adipose tissue is engrafted, this amount, as a rule, is sufficient to obtain the desired result. After a while, it is possible to carry out a second operation to give the breast a more magnificent shape.

Before carrying out the operation, it is necessary to carefully study its technique and consult with the surgeon for possible complications.

In the event that it is necessary to increase the breast by more than two sizes at once, one should resort to endoprosthetics, since complications may occur if too much adipose tissue is injected. If the transplanted fat does not take root, cysts and seals may appear in the operated area.

Lipofilling, without any doubt, guarantees the most natural result, but, in comparison with the classical, it is a much less predictable operation that requires great skill from the surgeon and good technical equipment of the clinic.

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