❶ Care For Hair Extensions

❶ Care For Hair Extensions
❶ Care For Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions Care
Hair Extensions Care

Many girls dream of having long, thick and beautiful hair. Thanks to modern extension technologies, this has become much more real. The procedure takes 1.5 to 3 hours. After its implementation, you should adhere to the correct care for artificial curls. Location: Location: Artificial strands should be treated with care. They need to be combed no more than three times a day with a comb with rare teeth or a special brush made of natural bristles. You need to start from the ends, holding the hair in the tail (be sure to comb the roots well).

You can wash fake curls as they get dirty. Shampoo should be used with a neutral pH without additives, because a product for oily hair can dry out extended strands, and a shampoo for dry hair can provoke hair loss.

After washing, it is necessary to rinse the ends of the hair with balm, but masks, fluids and conditioners that are applied to the roots are prohibited! The extended strands dry longer than usual, but using a hair dryer is undesirable. Blot your hair with a towel. For better shine, you can apply liquid silk to the curls.

You cannot comb your wet hair, and it is also not recommended to go to bed without drying it. This can damage the structure of the extensions. At night, be sure to comb your hair well along the entire length, and then braid it in a pigtail. Then in the morning, after sleep, you will not need to suffer, untangling the strands, but you can immediately start styling.

If the curls are extended by the hot method, use the curling iron with caution, not touching the capsules with hot objects. Complex styling should only be done by a specialist specially trained in working with hair extensions.

Artificial curls can be worn for up to six months, but do not forget that as the hair grows, it will be necessary to make a correction. The master will first remove the extended strands, and then build them up again, but closer to the roots. If you wish, you can add new strands of both your own color and another. This is a kind of coloring or highlighting, but without coloring.

Remember, build-up is contraindicated for people who take antibiotics and hormonal drugs, as well as people with vegetative-vascular dystonia and those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The main advice for caring for extended curls is constant care and attention, as well as timely correction.

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