❶ How To Remove Freckles From Your Face

❶ How To Remove Freckles From Your Face
❶ How To Remove Freckles From Your Face

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How to remove freckles from your face
How to remove freckles from your face

With the onset of spring, solar activity contributes to the appearance of freckles on the face or makes the scattering of these red and brown small dots much brighter and more noticeable. For some, this gives a zest in appearance, while for others it gives only psychological discomfort. However, some bleaching products can make this phenomenon less noticeable without affecting the skin. Location: Location: The main factor causing the appearance of freckles is the sun, so getting rid of them cannot be successful without protecting the skin of the face. And for this it is necessary to apply various creams with an ultraviolet filter. And the lighter the skin, the higher the degree it should be. Applying the cream every time before going out will prevent the appearance of new freckles and make it easier to remove the existing ones.

Include any whitening product in your daily facial. Then the disappearance of freckles will come much faster. And to keep it safe for health and skin, it is better to use products of natural origin.

Use sour milk to cleanse your skin. The acids contained in it perfectly whiten freckles and age spots. Soak a cotton pad in it and wipe your face. After that, abundantly soak a cotton swab in it and apply on the freckles with point movements for 2-3 minutes. For dry skin, use 1-day sour milk, and for oily, more acidic - 3-day. Kefir and sour cream have the same effect. For dry skin, use a greasy product and vice versa.

For washing, use water acidified with lemon juice. And to act directly on freckles, wipe them with undiluted juice of lemon, cucumber or parsley. Use them in combination with other products as well. For example, add them to any fruit or vegetable masks to nourish the skin and they will have a whitening effect and thus greatly increase the benefits.

For special freckle whitening, make warm parsley compresses. For dry skin, a combination of dill and parsley is more suitable (1 tsp for 1 cup of boiling water). Saturate the fabric in it and apply for 20 minutes on the pigmented areas of the face. Apply a compress from the infusion of fresh parsley leaves for 10-15 minutes, and from the decoction of the roots - for 30 minutes. To prepare the broth, pour 1 tbsp. roots 1/2 cup boiling water, cook over low heat for 10 minutes. After cooling down, add the same amount of lemon juice.

You can mix parsley juice with sour milk and use the resulting mixture as a mask. For dry skin, add a few drops of vegetable oil to it. And use milk or chamomile decoction to wash off. For oily skin, add a few drops of lemon instead of vegetable oil, and use acidified water for washing.

Apply whitening creams to moisturize your skin. However, do not get too carried away with them. The components included in their composition are capable of drying out the skin. Enough once a day, and only if necessary. The rest of the time, you can use regular creams.

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