❶ How To Change Hair Color

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❶ How To Change Hair Color
❶ How To Change Hair Color

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How to change hair color
How to change hair color

The color of our hair depends on the content of melanin, a special pigment. However, women constantly argue with nature. Blondes are repainted in brunettes, redheads - in fair-haired. Today, beautiful ladies have at their disposal a variety of products - from natural dyes to professional paints. You can change your hair color at home or at the salon. However, it is still better to try first, whether this or that shade suits you. Think, perhaps, it is better to buy a wig of the color you like or change the hair color only in a photograph, using Photoshop? Location: Location:

You will need

paint or photoshop program.

With the help of a special Photoshop program, you can make any hair on a photo - even red or black, even green! To begin with, the hair in the photo must be carefully selected. This is how it is done. First, open the photo you want to experiment with. Next, copy the "Background" layer. To do this, select it and press Ctrl + J. Now name this layer "Hair".

After that select this layer and open the Extract filter (Filter> Extract or Alt + Ctrl + X). Then, using the Edge Highlighter Tool (this is the B key), carefully outline the edges of the hair in the photo.

Next, use the eraser (E key) to edit the contours of the hair or resize the brush on the right in the Extract filter window. Then select the Fill tool (G key) and click inside the selection.

Now click the Preview button. This is necessary in order to correct what you have done, if necessary. Then press the OK button. Now you will see two layers in front of you: "hair" and "Background".

Select the "Hair" layer. Next, open the Hue / Saturation menu (Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation). Now check the Colorize box and start moving the sliders gently. Do this until you get the desired result. Now you can click OK.

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