❶ Cultivating Healthy Beauty Habits

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❶ Cultivating Healthy Beauty Habits
❶ Cultivating Healthy Beauty Habits

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Cultivating healthy beauty habits
Cultivating healthy beauty habits

Smooth skin, strong nails, thick hair and a natural complexion are, first of all, the result of proper body functioning. To always look great, you need to rebuild your lifestyle according to some rules. These simple components of the ideal appearance can easily direct your life on the right track, you just need to make a little effort at the initial stage. Location: Location:

Tune in to work on yourself, and over time you will get used to a new lifestyle, and the need for constant control of your actions will disappear.

Observe a certain diet:

- Eat three times a day at the same time, do not force yourself with diets. The body must receive all the vitamins and minerals it needs; nutritional deficiencies will not make you look more beautiful.

- Eat only high-quality and highly nutritious foods, then you can eat three times a day in small portions, without fear of gaining weight. The higher the nutritional value of the food, the smaller the serving.

- Include in the diet of seafood and fish, they contain omega-3 fats, minerals and acids necessary to maintain muscle and skin tone.

- Eliminate fatty meats, fried foods, semi-finished products from the diet - they make your skin flabby, accelerate the aging process and contribute to the development of cellulite.

- Eat raw vegetables and fruits every day, they contain fiber, an almost full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, fructose and acids, which prolong the youth of the whole body and make the skin glow from within.

- Every evening drink sour milk cocktails or just kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

- Instead of harmful sweets and cakes, eat healthy nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits.

- Reduce or completely eliminate the following foods: alcohol, chips, smoked meats, sausages, ketchup, mayonnaise, any foods that contain artificial colors and flavor enhancers.

Walk regularly in the fresh air, because oxygen starvation negatively affects the entire body as a whole, the functioning of internal organs deteriorates, and, as a result, an unhealthy complexion appears, bruises under the eyes, the skin becomes dull and lifeless, hair thinns, etc. …

Take care of your face and body every day, do not postpone "for later":

- always wash off makeup before going to bed;

- wash your face in cool water in the morning;

- make masks for skin and hair twice a week;

- do a face and body peeling every two weeks;

- once a month do nutritious wraps (coffee, clay, chocolate, butter, sour cream).

Adjust your sleep patterns:

- arrange a sleeping place so that no one and nothing interferes with you sleeping soundly and calmly all night;

- go to bed and wake up always at the same time;

- if you have trouble falling asleep, after 6 pm, instead of regular tea, drink herbal sedative drinks that will tune your body to sleep (you can buy sedatives at any pharmacy).

Learn not to be nervous about trifles and to look at things objectively

Stress is the best friend of old age, flabbiness and premature wrinkles. Prioritize so that the group of events worth worrying about includes as few factors as possible. Learn to be distracted and relaxed, relieve stress, do not accumulate negativity in yourself:

- once a week take aromatic baths with the addition of sea salt and oils;

- every day before going to bed, take a warm shower for 15 minutes, this will help relieve nervous tension, relax muscles and blood vessels, and set you up for a healthy sleep;

- Do breathing exercises regularly (lie on your back, completely relax and concentrate on even, deep breathing). Or meditate alone with yourself (sit or lie down so that you feel comfortable, mentally transfer yourself to your favorite place or an invented paradise, take a walk there, breathe in aromas, pick flowers, dream) - this will help to abstract from problems and balance the inner state.

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