❶ How To Paint Your Eyes Correctly

❶ How To Paint Your Eyes Correctly
❶ How To Paint Your Eyes Correctly

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How to paint your eyes correctly
How to paint your eyes correctly

Makeup plays an important role in the overall look. And beautifully and neatly painted eyes draw attention to themselves and make the look more expressive. It is important to learn how to properly emphasize the beauty and shape of the eyes. Location: Location: First cleanse your face and then moisturize with a daytime eye cream. Carefully remove the excess with a paper towel or cotton pad. Then apply and blend well with a small amount of foundation or foundation. This will help to hide dark circles and bags under the eyes, and even out the complexion. The eye base will secure the shadows and prevent them from rolling into stripes.

Using liquid eyeliner or pencil, carefully draw lines as close to the base of the lashes as possible, leading from the inner eye to the outer one. When tinting the eyes from below, draw a line from the middle to the outside edge. If you do not know how or do not like to draw arrows in front of your eyes, it is not at all necessary to do this, you can only do with shadows.

It is better to apply shadows from the base of the eyelid with neat strokes towards the eyebrows. If you are using multiple shades, apply the darker one directly to the eyelid itself, and the lighter one to the area between the border of the eyelid and the eyebrows. You can do this with the applicator or with your fingers, gently blending the visible borders between them. For oily skin of the eyelids, use mostly compact dry eyeshadow, and for dry liquid eyeshadow or oily eyeliner.

To avoid redness and allergies, do not skimp on eyeshadow. Choose quality cosmetics from trusted brands. For women who wear contact lenses or have eye sensitivities, there are special cosmetics.

Curl your lashes a little using tongs. Even naturally long eyelashes will look much more attractive if you curl them slightly before applying mascara.

The final touch is the application of mascara. Do it slowly, twisting, light movements in one or two layers, evenly distributing the paint.

Don't forget about eyebrows, they play a very important role in eye makeup. Initially, it is better to shape the eyebrows correctly in a beauty salon, and then you can independently maintain their shape by removing excess hairs. Comb your eyebrows with a special brush. And with the help of a pencil or shadows, make them clearer, just do not overdo it with paint, the eyebrows should look natural.

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