❶ Hair Coloring With Safe Dyes

❶ Hair Coloring With Safe Dyes
❶ Hair Coloring With Safe Dyes

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Hair coloring with safe dyes
Hair coloring with safe dyes

Every woman has dealt with hair dyeing at least once in her life, but the final result is far from always delightful. In addition to the fact that hair coloring often does not coincide with the desired effect, very often it also harms hair - split ends, hair breakage, severe entanglement. This is if you do not go deeper and do not talk about allergic reactions. Location: Location:

That is why recently women are paying more and more attention to the health of their hair. To do this, they strive to use the most harmless dyes. The safest are herbal dyes - these are basma and henna. In addition to being safe, they are also beneficial as hair grows faster, structure and appearance are improved. In addition to all the above advantages, herbal dyes are close to the natural hair color and are quite persistent.

Some paints can be purchased in stores, while others can be made at home.

The golden red color will give the hair buckthorn bark. To do this, a tablespoon of bark is poured with boiling water and cooked for 10 minutes, after which it is cooled and applied to the hair for half an hour. Then the head must be washed well.

To obtain a brown color, it is necessary to boil the shell of an unripe walnut in water for 3.5 hours, then evaporate the resulting liquid to obtain an extract, then add oil (half as much of the resulting mixture) and evaporate until there is no water at all. Chill before applying to hair. Keep the dye on your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse.

A chestnut color is obtained by using a vegetable dye from nettle. A pound of dry nettles is crushed, filled with water and boiled for four hours - two liters of dye should be obtained. After cooling, you need to pour out the necessary part, add vinegar (3: 1), apply to the hair and let it dry. Then wash it off. This dye is very useful and can be used frequently.

There are many such recipes and, of course, they take time to prepare, so an easier way is to use tint balms that do not damage your hair, since they do not contain ammonia and oxidants. But, as the name “tint” implies, such coloring is unstable and does not completely paint over gray hair, it should be repeated often, but the damage to the hair will be minimal.

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