❶ Shadow Game: Makeup For New Year

❶ Shadow Game: Makeup For New Year
❶ Shadow Game: Makeup For New Year

Video: ❶ Shadow Game: Makeup For New Year

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Video: New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial 2013 2023, February
Shadow play: makeup for New Year 2013
Shadow play: makeup for New Year 2013

If the dress, shoes and hairstyle for the New Year 2013 have already been chosen, the only thing left is to apply beautiful evening make-up. Festive makeup for New Year's Eve will complete the fabulous look and make you irresistible. Location: Location: Make-up for the New Year is essentially an evening make-up: colors are more saturated, lines are darker and deeper, contours are brighter, shine is abundant. When creating New Year's makeup, any experiments, royal surplus, original stories are welcome.

Do not forget that any makeup, including New Year's, should be in harmony with the whole outfit, as well as the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

If you focus on the eyes, you can safely use colored mascara and glitter mascara in your makeup for the New Year 2013, false or extended eyelashes will well emphasize the depth of the eyes, do not forget to use eyelash curlers.

Since New Year's Eve is a shimmer of snow, shine and play of lights, use pearlescent shadows with the addition of sparkles and with a shimmering transition effect. A black eyeliner over the line of a white pencil will add expressiveness and mystery to the look. With this make-up, it is better to cover your lips with soft, delicate pearlescent lipstick or transparent gloss.

If you decide to focus on the lips, lipstick or gloss should be in bright deep colors. Use a lip liner to keep the lipstick from dripping. For naughty lips, you can cover with fine sparkling gloss or apply a liquid gloss of a golden, silvery tone.

Gold and glitter in makeup will only enhance the New Year's mood, use a shimmery powder that can cover all exposed skin areas, as well as rhinestones attached to eyelids, eyelashes, cheekbones, etc.

A special hit in New Year 2013 will be a make-up detail reminiscent of the symbol of the year - the snake. An exquisite make-up will be a drawing on the eyelids under the patterned skin of a snake. The same ornament can adorn the cheekbones, lay out small rhinestones above the eyebrow in the form of a small curved snake.

Do not forget about blush, which will add juiciness and freshness to the face. And, of course, when, if not in the New Year, you can indulge in a flirtatious fly above the lip or on the cheek.

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