❶ We Wash Our Face Correctly

❶ We Wash Our Face Correctly
❶ We Wash Our Face Correctly

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We wash our face correctly
We wash our face correctly

The skin needs cleanliness and special care, because it is constantly being actively attacked by all sorts of factors - from low-quality products to an unfavorable environment. Learn to care for your skin and start washing your face properly. Location: Location: Since the face and neck are exposed areas of the body, they are the most affected. At the same time, not only the surface of the skin is polluted, but also its deep layers. After all, it is important for every woman that these particular parts of the body look beautiful and well-groomed. Even using modern lotions and creams, as well as the best decorative cosmetics, it is impossible to achieve an excellent result without regular and proper skin cleansing.

The most common and easiest way to cleanse your skin is by washing your face with water. However, you should know a few basic rules that must be followed regardless of age, otherwise the cleansing procedure can negatively affect the condition of the skin. Water washes away dirt and dust, waste products of the sebaceous and sweat glands, removes the fallen off corneous particles.

The temperature of the water for washing is very important. Hot water (37-45 degrees) perfectly cleanses the skin, but also causes blood flow, therefore, it is indicated for washing for young people with oily skin. Since too warm water expands the pores of the face, blood vessels and increases sweating, it should be washed no more than twice a week, be sure to rinse your face with cool water.

Women after thirty years should refrain from washing with hot water, as the elasticity of the skin is lost, its tone decreases, and this leads to the flabbiness of the subcutaneous layers. Cold and cool water strengthens the skin, improves its tone and makes it more resilient. However, frequent skin cleansing with cold water can lead to congestion or dryness - bluishness or redness.

If you are the owner of dry skin, wash your face exclusively with boiled water, after adding boric acid or baking soda (half a teaspoon per liter of water). Stop using regular soap, make a camphor soap cream at home, which is perfect for washing.

To prepare it, you need 3/4 cup of water, 10 grams of glycerin, 25 grams of camphor alcohol, 20 grams of ammonia, 100 grams of hydrogen peroxide 3%, a bar of soap and 5 grams of boric acid. Dissolve glycerin and previously grated soap on a fine grater in warm water. Leave the solution overnight, in the morning, steam it until a uniform mass is obtained. Then, while stirring, add ammonia and camphor alcohol. Lastly, pour in boric acid dissolved in two glasses of boiling water. Cool the prepared mixture under natural conditions, and while it is liquid, add hydrogen peroxide, beat until foam forms.

Use camphor cream as follows: moisten your face with cool water and lather your chin, then the nose, the middle of the forehead, then the shells of the ears, cheeks and last of all the neck. Do not keep the lather on your face for a long time, rinse immediately with plenty of lukewarm water. An exception can be made on porous skin with blackheads.

After washing the face and neck, moisturize with a suitable cream. Leave it on your face for two minutes and wipe off any excess with a tissue or cotton swab. The skin can be cleaned with the products that are in the refrigerator of every housewife - any vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, peach, corn). It perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin, before the procedure, you should pre-heat the oil, apply it to a cotton swab and rub your face along the massage lines.

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