❶ How To Do Makeup In 5 Minutes

❶ How To Do Makeup In 5 Minutes
❶ How To Do Makeup In 5 Minutes

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How to do makeup in 5 minutes
How to do makeup in 5 minutes

The constant lack of time is a real scourge of the modern business woman. But the desire to look good has not yet been canceled. Also, how can you feel confident in important negotiations if your face is not all right? Any woman can do makeup in 5 minutes. And you will always find 5 minutes to spend it on yourself. Location: Location:

You will hardly be able to create a luxurious evening make-up in 5 minutes. But preparing your face for a new day, hiding its flaws and highlighting its advantages, feeling confident in your beauty - this is just what you need.

The first minute is preparing the face for makeup. Cleanse your skin with cosmetic lotion, toner or milk (depending on your skin type). It is recommended to use exfoliating agents - scrubs - to help remove corneous cells two to three times a week. Apply a day cream or simply sprinkle mineral water on your face. Smile at your reflection in the mirror. You are beautiful and fresh, aren't you?

The second minute is the creation of the makeup base. Apply foundation along massage lines. If the skin is problematic, use a concealer in the right places. Now powder your face.

The third minute - we create luxurious eyelashes. Take a special machine and curl your eyelashes. An old grandma's way to make lashes look fuller is to powder them before applying mascara. Now paint your eyelashes carefully, avoiding clumps. Take a look in the mirror and wink at yourself. Mischievous, sly and stunning!

The fourth minute is devoted to the eyebrows. Assess their condition. If extra hairs appear somewhere, remove them. Adjust your eyebrows with a pencil. Beautiful eyebrows are a must for a luxurious look.

Minute number five. Apply a light shade to the eyelids and a blush on the cheekbones to match your skin tone. And the final touch is your favorite lipstick. Look over your face with admiring gaze. Now forward to the cherished goal.

With a few days of practice, you can complete your morning makeup in less time.

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