❶ How To Prevent Split Hair

❶ How To Prevent Split Hair
❶ How To Prevent Split Hair

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How to prevent split hair
How to prevent split hair

Split ends give your hair a messy and lifeless look. And there can be a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. A hot hair dryer, paint containing ammonia, daily shampooing with harsh shampoo, unhealthy diet and many other factors. All of them affect the condition of the hair not in the best way. Location: Location: It must be understood that it is no longer possible to restore the split tip. Therefore, you just need to cut them off. For some, cutting with hot scissors helps. They kind of seal the hair and prevent it from exfoliating. But this procedure must be carried out by a professional, otherwise the result will be unpredictable.

The split ends indicate a violation of the fat and water balance of the hair. Therefore, for curls to look good, they must contain the required level of fat and water. To do this, you will need a lecithin shampoo or shampoo for frequent use. They do not wash off the lipid layer from the hair, which protects it from the negative effects of the environment. Additionally lubricate dry ends with special products. They often contain silicone, which ensures the smoothness of the hair and prevents damage to it.

Wash your hair properly. Apply the shampoo to the hair roots, because sebum is located there. A conditioner balm should be applied mainly to the ends. And of course, use your hair dryer correctly. Do not blow dry your hair with too hot air. If possible, dry with a cold stream. And it is advisable to use heat protection products before styling your hair with a hair dryer or iron.

You should have a good hairbrush. You should be more careful with combs made of wood. Although many prefer them for their naturalness, but over time, burrs can appear on the wooden teeth, which will destroy the hair structure. This can lead to split ends.

To maintain the fat balance of your hair, periodically apply oil masks. Almost any oil (castor, burdock, olive, almond, apricot) is suitable for them. Apply warm to the entire length of your hair and especially to the ends. Leave in heat for at least an hour.

Be sure to protect your hair from cold, sun and wind as they are able to dry curls very quickly. Therefore, in winter and summer, wear a hat, and on the street try to put your hair into your hair.

Try to live a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air, and good sleep will make your hair shiny and beautiful.

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