❶ How To Start Building Your Nails

❶ How To Start Building Your Nails
❶ How To Start Building Your Nails

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How to start building your nails
How to start building your nails

Long, well-groomed nails look gorgeous and highlight the beauty of the hands. But sometimes it's problematic to grow your own - they exfoliate and break, reaching a certain length. In this case, you can think about building up. Fortunately, there are many technologies today. Before you start building your nails, you need to familiarize yourself with each of them. Location: Location: The easiest way is to attach false nails. It's easy to do it yourself. Buy the model you like, there are many of them - of the most different shapes and lengths, various colors, made of nylon and plastic. Degrease your own nails with nail polish remover and cover them with base polish. Then apply special glue and attach the false nail. File it with a nail file to shape it as desired.

If you would like your artificial nails to look more natural and last longer, contact a salon. There you will be offered extensions using gel or acrylic. Having tested this or that technique on yourself and following the manipulations of the master, later you can, if desired, independently carry out building with the material you like.

Nails, both gel and acrylic, can be extended on forms or tips. In the first case, the free edge of your own marigold is lengthened. A special form is substituted under it, gel or acrylic is applied to it. The latter hardens faster and is easier to remove, but at first it does not smell very pleasant. The gel looks more natural, but if it cracks, you will have to build the nail again. Plus, gel nails are harder to remove.

Extension to tips is done using a special nail-shaped blank. This technology is used mainly for short nails. Such artificial nails keep on tips for quite a long time - from 3 to 4 months. But they will have to be adjusted every month.

Starting to build up your nails, learn to carefully perform all household actions: cleaning the apartment, buttoning up the buttons, typing on the keyboard. Now you will have to constantly remember that the extended nail can be damaged.

Always carry special nail glue with you. In the event of a crack, it can be quickly covered up. Then the nail will be preserved until the moment when you go for correction.

However, there are a number of contraindications to nail extension. For example, you cannot use this procedure while you are taking antibiotics or undergoing chemotherapy. The fact is that in these cases, acetone is produced in the body. Its effect leads to the rejection of artificial nails.

Also, do not think about artificial nails if your own is affected by flexible. First you need to cure the disease, and only then go to the nail salon.

Please also note that you cannot do a trim manicure immediately before building. The cuticle should never be damaged.

Wash the dishes only with rubber gloves. File your nails only with fine abrasive files, not iron files. Remove varnish from them with liquid without acetone.

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