❶ How To Fix Your Hairstyle

❶ How To Fix Your Hairstyle
❶ How To Fix Your Hairstyle

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How to fix your hair
How to fix your hair

An unsuccessful hairstyle can spoil the mood of any person. But try not to get very upset. After all, almost all mistakes can be corrected if your stylist is a professional, and you are a creative person. Location: Location: Explain to the master as precisely as possible what kind of hairstyle you would like to do. Bring a magazine or photo with you where you can see her firsthand.

If you have definitely decided on the type of hairstyle, then do not agree to the offers and persuasions of the hairdresser to do something else, so that you do not make claims to him later.

Do not rush to declare your hairstyle unsuccessful. It is possible that you are simply not used to it, and your hair has not adapted to the new conditions. Therefore, wait a while to finally make sure that the hairstyle does not turn out the way you would like.

Find out the opinion of your loved ones about her. If your girlfriends, loved one and relatives are delighted, then take another look at the hairstyle. Maybe you underestimated her, and you needed such a change of image.

If you still think that the hairstyle turned out to be unsuccessful, try again with your stylist to find an understanding. Let him fix the mistake. The easiest way to redo a bad hairstyle is by trying a variety of styling methods. For example, change the direction and location of the parting, stretch or curl the hair, use mousses or varnishes to lift them at the roots, and use wax to style them with needles. Use clips, hairpins, and headbands, especially if your bangs are damaged, as they usually cannot be fixed.

If your hair looks thin and thin, you can correct this impression with cosmetics that add volume and thickening to your hair. Dye your hair that has lost volume. Multi-color highlighting is suitable, which will make it visually more voluminous.

Having made the strands uneven, neat thinning can correct an overly clear square. And if the highlighting was done very roughly, then it is easy to fix it by painting over the strands again in a darker tone.

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