❶ Thermolifting Or Fractional Infrared Rejuvenation

❶ Thermolifting Or Fractional Infrared Rejuvenation
❶ Thermolifting Or Fractional Infrared Rejuvenation

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Thermolifting or fractional infrared rejuvenation
Thermolifting or fractional infrared rejuvenation

Modern hardware cosmetology offers more and more ways to rejuvenate. It is no longer necessary to go under the surgeon's knife or apply rejuvenation injections to look your best. After all, they can lead to various kinds of complications. They are being replaced by thermolifting and infrared rejuvenation procedures. Location: Location: Thermolifting or RF lifting is the effect of high frequency current on the skin. In this case, the effect is only on the deep layers of the skin, without affecting the epidermis. Thermal exposure activates blood flow and starts metabolic processes in the skin. Collagen fibers, which provide the skin with a strong skeleton, lose their elasticity with age. Therefore, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby.At certain temperatures, collagen fibers regain their firmness. Outwardly, this is expressed in the fact that wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes dense again. Fibroblasts are also activated, which begin to synthesize new collagen and elastane.

This procedure does not require preliminary preparation, and the effect can be seen almost immediately. At the same time, the process of constant renewal of collagen and elastane takes place within six months. Thus, the tightening effect lasts up to two years.

Both the face and the whole body can be affected. However, the safer, in terms of exposure to the skin, is the method of fractional infrared rejuvenation. It allows you to effectively fight tissue ptosis, which is caused by age, as well as sagging skin associated with weight loss.

In this procedure, the effect on the deep layers of the skin is carried out using infrared rays. As with thermolifting, collagen and elastane production is stimulated.

The exposure can be on the face and neck, with the exception of the forehead and eyes, as well as the abdomen, thighs and shoulders. For the face, it is recommended to carry out this procedure from 40-45 years old, but for the body from 18 years old, if, as a result of hormonal disorders, there has been a sharp weight loss or after childbirth.

The number of sessions ranges from 3 to 5 with a frequency of once a month. If you've done your skin care regularly, there is no need for any prior preparation. Otherwise, biorevitalization or mesotherapy procedures may be required.

After the procedure of rejuvenation with infrared radiation, it is necessary to use products with SPF filters, and it is also better to avoid direct sunlight.

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