❶ Cosmetic Ice - Beauty's Secret Weapon

❶ Cosmetic Ice - Beauty's Secret Weapon
❶ Cosmetic Ice - Beauty's Secret Weapon

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Cosmetic ice - beauty's secret weapon
Cosmetic ice - beauty's secret weapon

Catherine II also appreciated the life-giving benefits of ice for facial care. Now almost all women use ice cubes for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic ice perfectly tones the skin of the face and neck, invigorates it. There is no simpler and more effective cosmetic product than ice. Location: Location:

For many, the use of cosmetic ice has become a pleasant alternative or addition to morning and evening washing. After all, massage with cosmetic ice gives a lot of advantages:

- cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin;

- gives the face a fresh look and natural glow;

- improves skin elasticity;

- rejuvenates, smoothes fine wrinkles;

- relieves irritation, weak inflammation narrows the pores;

- intensely moisturizes.

Making cosmetic ice yourself is not difficult at all. To do this, it is enough to freeze mineral water without gas or decoctions of medicinal plants suitable for skin type. You can also make cosmetic ice using fruit and vegetable juices. Cosmetologists recommend alternating between mineral cubes and cubes with plant extracts. And if you have allergic reactions, always use one type of ice that suits your skin best.

Today, many companies for the production of cosmetics offer in their assortment special formulations for freezing and ready-made lotion briquettes, which are enough to be placed in the freezer before use.

Applying cosmetic ice is quite simple. It is necessary to remove several ice cubes from the mold and, along the massage lines, wipe the skin of the face, neck and décolleté area with light movements for a minute or two. For ease of use, ice cubes can be placed in a thin cotton napkin. Wipe cleaned skin. This procedure should be carried out quickly enough, barely touching the skin and not stopping in one place. After the massage with ice cubes, you should not wipe or get wet the skin - you need to allow the beneficial substances to be absorbed. After a few minutes, when the moisture is sufficiently absorbed, use a suitable face cream.

The greatest effect is achieved when using cosmetic ice twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Cosmetic ice, like other procedures, has contraindications. Do not use ice if there is a vascular mesh, inflamed acne or open wounds on the skin. Ice massage can make the situation worse. Also, do not use ice shortly before going outside during the cold season.

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